5 UYB alumni that seriously upleveled their business

I realized recently when I was reading another coach’s website testimonials, how much testis that you get RIGHT after a program are not really true representations of how that work impacted that person in the long run. Often, right after working with you, clients need some time to integrate and implement everything. They may already be showing some AMAZING results from  your work, but YOU know best that it often takes time for the full effect to kick in.  Which is why I think it’s SO important it is to keep following up with our clients progress – way after your work together is done.

And every time before I open Uncage Your Business again, I like to check in recently with past UYB grads to see where they are NOW – it’s important to me to see how much of what we do in UYB stays with them as they move forward. So I hit the streets (or more like, I hit my Uncaged VIP Facebook group) and asked them! From people who took the program wayyy back in its first round over 3 years ago, to folks who just finished a few months ago —


Here’s what some of them had to say:

Laura says (brand + website designer):

UYB changed everything for the better!  Since UYB, I’ve become a floppity gillion (actual number that I just made up) times more clear on what I want to do and who I want to work with.

Before UYB, I used to feel like I had to pursue every area of design “Ah! Hand lettering…gotta do that!” (I have little patience for hand-lettering, btw). “A full line of greeting cards…yeah, I should do that!”. I wasn’t really operating from a purpose that means something to me.

It’s such an amazing feeling to let go of the idea that I have to be the designer who does everything. Without UYB, I’d probably be hunched over my desk, hand-lettering for no reason, and hoping one day someone would want to buy it.

UYB made everything click for me and I’ve had more people interested in working with me than ever before. It was the besssst thing I could have done for my biz!


Jenn  says (baby-mama fitness trainer):

I came into UYB with one business idea that was vague and kind of like what everyone else was doing that never felt like “YES!” and left with a different business that I am super charged about. I am so crazy clear on who I want to help, how I help them, and (almost more importantly) HOW I want to help them vs how I thought I should help them.

I really wish I had met Becca before doing any other course (especially some of the big names ones out there)  because I wouldn’t have floundered and felt like I wasn’t making any headway for so long. When I have moments of doubt and think “Who am I to have an online business and do this?” I just touch base with everything I have learned from UYB and I get centred again. I LOVE that after working through UYB, all other courses I have signed up for in the past have become 100% more useful because now I can actually implement them with a clear FOCUS. WIN!

ALSO (another win!) – I left mat-leave and went full-time in my business this year, and I am on track to hit just under 6figures – which is incredible. I also applied for government funding, and had to be EXTREMELY specific in my application about what my business did, who my target market was, and what exactly I DO for people, and why it matters so much. Thanks to UYB, I was able to do this and got the funding!!



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Ffion says (web designer):

Uncage Your Business was a totally awesome experience! The course packed way more value than I’d ever expected.

The course has paid for itself over and over again, and I’d made my original spendings back within a couple of months, and since then the motion that kicked off from there has never stopped. I started booking ideal clients for the first time ever and suddenly remembered why I thought design was fun in the first place. Work was suddenly FUN again. I actually started to enjoy my business for the first time.

Now looking back over the past year, I am totally in awe to see how much has changed and am pretty gobsmacked about all the stuff that has happened, all the awesome people I’ve connected with, the opportunities that have come up, and all the changes for the better that have been happening in my business. I don’t think all this progress would have been possible without your help. I’ve returned to the course material several times and have gained new insights and ideas every time.

Uncage Your Business is THE best thing I’ve done for my business and the impact is still having an affect on my business today.


Diana says (life coach):

I am amazed with how much happened in my business since taking the course in November! I have now a new website, 3 opt-ins that I love, a Facebook Community that I am growing, one full package tested and improved for which I am getting clients and a second service in testing. Plus, my mailing-list is growing quite quickly and the visits to my website as well. I also organized my first event. And all this happened in 3 months! WOW!


Kathryn says (career coach):

UYB helped me launch my beta version of Guidance Counselling for Adults – my first course! – right before Christmas! It sold out and I made just under $6k.

I was so new to everything in my business and was trying to do everything at once. UYB gave me a clear path forward with what to do in which order, how to find and talk to my clients AND UYB forced me to follow through (thanks Becca!) on my ambitious plans. I’m still selling out all my classes and have created new offers based on the suggestions Becca gave me in UYB. I would seriously not be where I am today without UYB



Many other UYBers are crushing it too – ranging from finally starting their websites (and understanding what to put on them!), to filling group programs and getting booked solid with one on one clients (more testis right here). It’s amazing to witness what is possible with some great training, a little hustle, and a lot of heart. Awwwww.

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Here’s to kicking ass together this year,

xo becca

PS. Not sure if this program is for you? Shoot me an email at becca [@] theuncagedlife.com and let me know what’s up in your business so I can help you decide. I don’t want you buying anything you don’t need, so let’s help you make the right decision for you and your business.

5 UYB almuni that seriously upleveled their business