Interview with Jana Schuberth, creator of Alive In Berlin


You know how when you start a business, you often have this HUGE vision of what you eventually want to create – whether it’s a retreat in a faraway land, or a huge conference style event where you gather the best of the best in your industry?

But then you look at where you are now… and stare longingly allllll the way over there, to where you want to be, and you just have one question: “How the FUCK am I going to make that happen?”

Usually, we assume that the Big Thing we want to do will have to wait at LEAST 10 years before we can make it happen. I mean – if no one even knows your name, how are you supposed to create something on that scope?


Answer: You start planning it and you figure it out as you go.


If you haven’t heard of ALIVE In Berlin yet (or it’s creator Jana), I wanted to introduce you to it/her. Because she is a PERFECT example of someone who saw a need, had a vision, and set out to make it happen way (WAY!) sooner than she felt ready.

Jana is a life coach with a fairly small email list… and yet she’s organizing one of the biggest personal development/entrepreneurship conferences ever to be held in Europe.

I got Jana on Skype (video didn’t record – oops! – audio only this time ’round) to talk about how the hell she got from here to THERE. It’s well worth a listen if you’re scheming big things but can’t seem to bridge the gap to actually making them happen.

And if you’re in Europe, you need to get yourself to ALIVE. It’s no fair that we have ALL the amazing conferences here in North America. Connecting with other people who have the same Big Visions as you is SO important, and that community aspect is greatly lacking in Europe. Jana is changing that and you should definitely be there for the first of what I think will be MANY more of its kind.






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Screen Shot 2014-03-31 at 11.50.58 AMAfter years in the corporate world, Jana woke up one day and decided she’d had enough of living from weekend to weekend, and set out to find work that she actually enjoyed; success criteria No. 1: wake up excited! During her journey, Jana fell in love with personal development and retrained as a personal lifestyle and small business coach and successfully built LoveWorkNow, a community of career changers and solopreneurs. ALIVE is her dream come true.

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What Big Thing are you planning that you feel is WAY too far off? Anything you can do NOW to get started on making it happen?? Share in the comments and we’ll make sure you can’t back out!

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If one of those “Big Things” you want to do is run a retreat, Kate and I have you covered. The Retreat Retreat is a week away with us in the mountains of Whistler BC, helping you plan YOUR very own retreat. If you want to run retreats next year, NOW is the time to start planning. Join us in Whistler in July 2014 and let’s get your retreat on.


  1. Naomi_Hattaway on April 9, 2014 at 7:57 pm

    Jana – thank you for all of your tidbits and advice! I love the very organic way you create relationships and networking opportunities!