4 reasons you don’t have clients (yet!)

Ok, I want to level with you today and get really real about getting CLIENTS.

Because that’s what all THIS is about right?

  • All the emails I send you (and other coaches send you)
  • The list building
  • Stressing over freebies/opt-ins
  • Social media… oh the endless social media
  • All this marketing stuff….

… it’s all about getting those paid clients in the door. But many new business owners lose sight of the forest for the trees, and they focus on many of the wrong things.

Now, everyone starts somewhere in business (duh, right?), and it’s tooootally normal to make mistakes and not know where to start (that’s why I’m here!).

But I also know you have dreams. You have BIG goals. You WANT this business to work (another duh, yeah?)

And to make anything WORK, you have to start by facing the TRUTH about why it’s NOT working.

So that’s what we’re going to do today… some hard reality to face but given with love and with your absolute best interests in mind <3

If you’re a coach, healer, or other solopreneur business owner, you may be awesome at what you do, but the truth is you’re not a marketer (and the fact that YOU are your brand makes it extra damn hard to market and sell yourself, right?).

You’re not alone! I see this again and again (it’s the most common struggle new business owners like YOU have before they join my program Uncage Your Business), so I know there are a few VERY common reasons WHY.

As a friend of mine always says, there are crappy ways to market your business and there are great ways  — and both take the same amount of time. 

So let’s cut to the chase and save you some time and get to learning the right ways!

If you don’t have any clients, I can almost guarantee it’s for one of the following reasons:

Reason 1 you don’t have clients: You haven’t narrowed in on a niche, and thus are trying to help anyone and everyone (resulting in NO ONE buying from you)

I know, I know, I know — you don’t WANNA niche. 

And I think this is because SO many people get niching wrong and think it has to lock them into something. IT DOESN’T. 

With the way I teach niching (in combination with a strong message), it gives you some wiggle room to not get too locked in. 

But you DO need to pick something. Because if no one understands HOW you can help them, they’re not going to hire you! It’s that simple.

And your niche is not just something arbitrary. 

It’s not just a random age group. 
It’s not “moms” or  “business owners”

But it DOES have to be specific.

Trust me on this one – niching can be simple if you do it the right way, and it doesn’t have to lock you in… but you DO need a niche.

(Niching is a HUGE part of my Uncage Your Business program!)

Reason 2 you don’t have clients: Your message is watered down and (short of a few referrals) no one really knows what you do

Oh hello vague life coaches — I’m talking to you 👋 I love you coaches, but we need to talk.

If you are going around telling people “I’m a life coach — I help people look within themselves to find answers so they can live more authentically” — no kidding you don’t have any clients!

(Ouch. Sorry. That might sting. I LOVE life coaches (I was one for a few years!), but most are not great at marketing!).  

Ditto if you’re a health coach who wants to help people “be vibrant and feel great everyday!” 

TRUTH: You might be amazing at what you do, but weak messaging is the #1 thing holding you back from getting clients.

If I have one sole focus in my program Uncage Your Business, it’s to help you get UBER specific about what you do (and feel great about it!), and this is the biggest shift you can make that will bring you clients almost instantly. 

Reason 3 you don’t have clients: You don’t understand how to talk about what you do in a way that makes sense and shows people the true value of the work you do, so you fumble for words and feel embarrassed to even talk about it

This one stems from the vanilla messaging I talked about above. 

When you’re not clear about what you do, you get shy to talk to people about it — maybe you stumble over your words when trying to explain it, or you feel like you have to OVER explain it so that it makes sense to people. 

And this can make you feel like a fraud, or even worse — like a flake.

BUT YOU ARE NOT A FRAUD (nor a flake!). You just need to learn how to talk about what you do in a different way — it’s a marketing skill and has nothing to do with how good you are at what you do (or as a person!)

Our Uncage Your Business students totally transform how they talk about what they do and the results are amazing.

Check out this example of Sara’s before and after for how she talks about what she does in her business:


Not surprisingly, Sara is now making multiple 6 figures with her emotional eating coaching business (Go Sara!)

When you can speak THAT clearly about what you do, everything changes in your biz

(Want some of that clarity? Check out Uncage Your Business here!)

Reason 4 you don’t have clients: You’re selling generic services and charging too little

Your packages MATTER, and a super low hourly rate will NOT help get you more clients. 

You need packages that stand out amongst the bazillion coaches in your industry. Learning how to package up what you do into programs that have clear focus, clear outcomes, and a price that you, your clients (and your bank account!) all feel good about is KEY.

And contrary to what most new service providers think — cheaper is not always better! 

  • Price your offers too cheap and people will wonder WHY you’re so cheap.
  • Too expensive and you won’t feel confident telling people about your services

Your packages matter, and most new business owners don’t give enough time and attention to crafting offers that are a perfect match for their unique clients.

(You guessed it – we also do that in UYB).

And the final piece of this whole puzzle of getting clients is….

ALL of the pieces above work together to bring you a successful business. 

You need a clear message and niche in order to be able to clearly talk about what you do, and your prices are determined by how clear and confident you are in your niche and your message. And you get clients based on how clearly and confidently you can talk about all of the above!

Miss one step, and your whole system is off! It’s really not rocket science — it’s a system!

Business doesn’t have to take forever and doesn’t have to be so hard – you just need to start with the right foundations that allow you to grow – which is exactly what Uncage Your Business teaches you how to do. 

If you’re thinking that it might be nice to make more someday than the bare minimum and you’re ready to show those stats who’s boss (you, obviously), you’ll want to check out Uncage Your Business

Hundreds of UYB grads have quit their jobs and are now rocking their Uncaged businesses, and you could be too!

It doesn’t have to be so hard and you don’t have to spin your wheels anymore! You can do this, promise. It just takes the right foundations and some patience


xx becca