How to Instantly Make More Money in Your Business

Ok, I know, the title is a bit click bait-y. Forgive me. But for real, there is one pretty significant thing you can do that will help you make more money right now in your business.

That, my uncaged friends, is creating packages for your services.

I’m not talking about fancy online courses (though they certainly can count as packages). I’m talking about your simple one on ones – which is probably the way you work with clients right now, and is probably how you’re making most of your dough.

There is a better way to do it, and it’s all about harnessing the power of packages.

Packages allow you to do a few things in your business to help make things easier, including being easier to sell, helping you predict your income, and encouraging repeat business. In short – you need to be selling packages if you want to up your $$ game and not burn out.

But there is a lot that goes into creating a nice package. When I’m working on packages with my clients, there are a few key changes that make all the difference in how much they sell.

Make the changes below and I can almost guarantee that your income will rise.


3 ways to sell more with packages:

1. Make sure your package is a defined length (of time! Length OF TIME! Mind out of the gutter, please!)

No more open-ended, ongoing coaching or hourly consulting. Your new packages will be for a finite length of time (ex. 2 weeks, 3 months, 6 months, even one hour could be a defined length of time etc). This helps clients feel safe in buying, knowing that there is an end in sight! Imagine going to a dentist who told you that you’d just have to keep coming week after week, for the foreseeable future, and you’d just have to keep paying each time you come? Versus one that tells you that your work will take 2 appointments and you’ll be done. WAY more trust in the second guy, right? Having a set amount of time also lets you plan your income and your schedule better, so you’re never left wondering if a client will come back for another session because they have already committed to the whole package up front. WIN.






2. Make sure your package has a set price that charges for value, not time.

No hourly rates. Stop that! You give your clients SO much more than an hour of your time. A good package bases the price on the full value of what you are offering, so clients know exactly what they will be paying (and you know exactly how much you can expect to make). Remember the dentist? Would you rather go weekly and keep paying$x amount, or would you rather know upfront how much it will cost? Exactly. People don’t like uncertainty. Uncertainty = risk. By setting a price you calm those fears and get more YES’s.


3. Make sure your package delivers clear results.

All of your packages should do different things for your clients. What I often see are packages that all promise the same results, but that just separated by different lengths of time. This is incredibly confusing for your clients. They have no idea which one they should book…and let’s be honest – you probably don’t either! Each package should focus on a different part of your client’s problem, so that when they see them outlined on your site, they know exactly which one they need. Having defined results for each one also increases that trust factor  – your clients want to be sure that you can help them, and putting your services into packages that are specific to what they need shows them you know what’s up and that you can get them where they want to be (and YES this is possible even if you are offering life coaching or another service without super tangible results).


If you make these changes to your packages, your business will make more money. Of course, your business has to have a good foundation to start – you need to understand your client base inside and out, have a good handle on what specifically they need, and know how to communicate that to them through your website.

I teach all of this (from understanding your market to actual package creation to writing sales pages) in Uncage Your Business, my signature group program.

If you are struggling with figuring out what to offer, it means you don’t know your market or your message well enough yet – and I want to help you change that. In just 4 weeks you could have a message that stands out, a niche that you ADORE, packages that people are begging you for, and a clear strategy for putting content out online to attract your right people.

Click here to learn more about Uncage Your Business.

It’s going to be a lot of fun, and lot of work, and get you a LOT of results.

See you there!

xo becca

how to instantly make more money in your business