I want to share some sneaky sales secrets with you. But not sneaky in a gross scammy kind of way. Sneaky in a “why didn’t I think of that, it’s so smart and also feels really good!” kind of way, that you might not even realize were an option!

Unless you never open my emails (I’m offended!), you probably noticed that I just finished a big launch of Uncage Your Business. I sent a lot of emails, did some FB lives, posted about it on social media and yammered my mouth off about it everywhere I could. And I met my sales goals.

Then the launch ended. But I knew that there were still people who didn’t buy who need what I have to offer. So I always do a few things to get more sales and help more people, even after the launch ends. These “tactics” feel really good to me because they are authentic and come from a genuine want to help people (not just tacky ways to get more sales). And I love them because they work whether you sold a shit ton of whatever you were selling, or whether you didn’t make many sales at all.


3 ways to sell more:

1. Offer an extended payment plan

People want you to help them (or else they would’t be reading your emails or following your blog). But sometimes money really is a factor. I HATE when coaches say that money is just an excuse and if people really wanted itm they’d spend the money. That is simply NOT always true.
To help you sell more, offer people an extended payment plan. On the last 2 days of the UYB launch, I opened up an 8 month payment option (even though the course is only 5 weeks long) and made a bunch more sales because of it. Giving people a flexible way to pay helps make it a no-brainer to say yes.


Hot tip: I always add an integrity disclaimer with my payment plans. This is what it says:

I offer this because I want to make starting your business EASY for you. A lot of people in my industry told me NOT to offer long payment plans. Why? Because
in other programs, some people take advantage of these payment plans and then “default”. Meaning they do the whole program and then stop paying after the
program is over, even though payments are still owed (
womp womp).

BUT, I’m offering this, despite those warnings, because I trust in your integrity – as a business owner yourself, I am sure you can imagine what it would feel like
to have someone sign up for your program, take advantage of the material, and then cancel and not pay you. I know that as a biz owner you understand the value
of honoring your commitments, just like I show up 100% for my commitment to you by delivering you my absolute best when I deliver this program to you.

But seriously. Don’t be an ass and sign up for the payment plan if you don’t intend on paying. It’s a great way to set yourself for some bad business karma of your own,
and I don’t want that – I want you to have a roster full of amazing, paying clients that love you and make your job easy!

^^ Does this work? Had to say, but I don’t tend to have a lot of people who default or just cancel, so I’d say it can’t hurt!


2. Ask for feedback on why people didn’t buy, then address those objections

You can see how I did this here. I sent out a quick survey asking people why they didn’t buy (it’s anonymous so people can be really honest), and then addressed those objections in an email, and opened the cart again for a limited time. It’s a great way to find out why people aren’t buying from you, and if it turns out your marketing message wasn’t clear, or people were confused about what you were actually selling, it gives you a chance to clarify and hopefully get people in the door once they see that your service IS actually a fit for them. It also lets you learn what your clients main objections are, and then address those in your program if possible, or in your marketing next time.


3. Offer a down-sell after your launch is over

For many people, UYB was just too long (didn’t have the time to commit right now) or too expensive for them right now (even with a payment plan). And for some, they only needed part of the content, not all of it. When I learned this, I decided to open  a few spots for my one on one service, FOUNDations sessions, where we dig into your core foundations and get you ready to get out there and START in your business.  I know there are a good number of people who need just a quick getting started dive into their message, niche, and packages, and not ALL of UYB. It’s a more affordable option than UYB and lets me still help the people who need help but don’t need the ongoing guidance and feedback that you get with UYB.




Whether you sold out, or whether you were left with very few sales and a very sad face, these marketing techniques work because you’re showing people that you are listening to them, which makes them feel heard, and thus trust you more and be more likely to actually buy.

Next time you launch something, whether it’s a huge group launch or just an email to your list announcing that you have spots open for a service, try these! And be sure to check in and let me know how they work for you.

xx becca

3 (sneaky but legit!) way to make more sales in your business