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Things I like to write & talk about

How to get clients as a new service provider
All the stuff no one else tells you!

How To Create Packages
Sell good stuff that your clients actually want

Starting my biz living in a van
Mmmhmmm - it's true.

RETREATS - how to run them

Why creating an uncaged biz is the BEST way to have freedom in life

A little Bio

Rebecca Tracey opened Uncaged back in 2011 and has worked with hundreds of coaches, consultants, and freelancers to help them Uncage their businesses and their lives. She has learned what it takes to start from nothing but an idea and build it into something amazing – a business that makes you (great) money, gives you the freedom and lifestyle you crave, and lets you do work you LOVE… all without TOO much hair pulling and ugly crying. She helps online business owners create solid business foundations, and is often found working with a huge mug of tea and no pants on. Find her at

Podcasts, Guests Posts, Interviews

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iNLP Coach Training Center

Changemaker Series


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