Birthday Bumps at Uncaged

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It’s my birthday today (yayyy!)! And I’ve been sitting here for way too long staring at this blank WordPress box, trying to decide what to write about on my birthday.

And the only thing that is coming to me is birthday bumps. Not the kind where they swing you over and smack your ass really hard (ouch!), but the kind where you’re not quite sure how you feel about your birthday. Another year gone. Another new year to make whatever you want of. Another year contemplating life and whether you’re the person you want to be with the life you want to live. And another year wondering when Yellowstone is going to explode.

I feel like I am having some birthday bumps this year. I’m not sure what it is. I just can’t seem to get motivated to move forward with any of my business ideas. I have been sitting on a few projects for months now, unable to really make progress.  I kind of blame it on too much travelling and not enough work time. It’s made me lazy I guess (#uncagedlifeproblems)

It could also be that for the first time since I started running it in 2013, Uncage Your Business didn’t sell out right away. We start on Monday and there are still 4 spots left. Ok – yes, I realize that means that I have sold 16 spots and yes, I realize that is still awesome, and yes, I realize that the fact that it’s still this successful after running it again and again is a GREAT testament to how much value it provides (and the fact that I have sold out everything, ever, is a pretty good sign I’m doing something right too)… but I’m still beating myself up that UYB hasn’t sold out this time in the first few days like it usually does. What the fuck!?

And it’s making me question some things in my business, and making me even more annoyed that I haven’t gotten my act together to get my new programs off the ground.

And I’m telling you all this because I want you to know that EVERYONE experiences bumps in their business (birthday or not). Myself very much included. Everyone has freakout moments where we wonder if it’s going to work. Everyone has programs that don’t do as well as they hoped. Courses that flop. Days that it all just feels like too much work. And in spite of all the GREAT things that are happening in business, all the people we have helped, all the things that went right, we take these small, insignificant blips and bumps and make them HUGE.


You are not alone, and I am not immune, and the truth is that it will all be ok and that nothing is ever set in stone. This is both reassuring and terrifying.


I know that these gloomy birthday bumps will pass, but I also know that success is not inevitable. That we all have to continue to work hard to innovate, to create, to revamp, to rework, to change and to grow as our markets grow, as our business grows, and as we as humans grow. Failing once does not mean failure in the future. But success once does not mean success in the future. It’s all unknown, which is the beauty and the inherent risk of running your own business.

No one is immune to the bumps. So when you’re experiencing them, eat cake, do a lot of yoga, take a lot of naps, and know that they’re part of living the Uncaged life.

xo becca



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  1. Felicia

    Needed this today! Thanks for sharing and happy birthday gorgeous! xo

  2. Margo

    The most inspiring quote I’ve read this year is: “Success Leaves Clues” For you- that is DEFINITELY UYB and I can say that from experience it is an amazing program! It’s so scary putting yourself out there, month after month, year after year. I really think you have to be a certain type of person to face up to the kind of ups and downs that comes with running a business. It’s nice to know that none of us are immune to that- makes us all feel a little less alone. Thanks for this post and happy birthday!


  3. Happy Birthday Warrior Hero. Human like the rest of us, you can trust the waves of energy up and down. Those inner voices that rail at us have inner advocate cousins ready to love us gently as we birth ourselves into our next new. Virtual hugs from this stranger. Thanks for being real, vulnerable and wise.

  4. Peg

    It was good for me to read this today – Tuesday I had my first appointment with a potential customer who is letting me do a case study on their staffing plan (which will help me get clearer on how to structure my packages) – yesterday I was somewhat panicking – thinking what is wrong with me? I have no idea what I am doing here! Thanks to UYB & HNP – I have been jolted out of my comfort zone (otherwise known as procrastination) and am moving forward, even though it feels very Uncomfortable at this point. Thank you, Rebecca, for all you are doing! Have a fantabulous birthday, girl! :)

  5. Awww, Happy Birthday Becca! You’re awesome, a game changer and a huge success. You even have some new things coming down the pipeline, so you’ll look back on this and laugh for sure. I’ll make a cocktail and cheers to you tonight! Thanks for this great post. xoxoxoxo

  6. Marjeta

    Happy Birthday, Rebecca! Thank you for sharing this and for being authentic! Cheers to you, my dear!

  7. Elloa

    Love to you Becca. Thank you for your courage and openness – and happy bloody birthday! xx

  8. Heather

    This was PERFECT timing! I have been on Facebook for (what feels like) 48 hours straight! Big bump!! You inspired me…thank you for your wisdom and courage to speak what I am thinking! :-)

  9. Judith

    Just remember: you can dooo eeettttt :D

  10. Nathalie

    Happy birthday Becca! I hope today’s turning around for you, and that you get some fun surprises! I always get these birthday bumps too. I’m so excited to start UYB with you this week!

  11. I love you Becca T xxx

  12. Thank you for sharing this, Becca! Always good to be reminded that everyone has their ups and downs in this business world, and that it’s all part of the deal no matter who you are. Appreciate your authenticity (overused word though it may be!) as always! (And what would a birthday be without some serious reflection and introspection anyway? Probably a boring one, if you asked me!) :)

  13. Oh, thanks for this, Rebecca. I’ve been bumpy, myself. I feel less lonely now.

  14. Rebecca Tracey

    Thank you Felicia! xo

  15. Rebecca Tracey

    SO much thank you for this Margo! xox

  16. Rebecca Tracey

    BOOM! That’s what I love to hear Peg! Keep on rockin it – you DO know what you are doing :) xo