Rock out with your copy out.


So, you need help.

Copy help to be specific (and perhaps more, but that’s not what we’re here for).

Chances are, if you’re just starting out (or ramping up something new), you may not have the budget or the bandwidth to get a full-blown, from-scratch, top-dog copywriting package….but you’re definitely not confident with your writing skills.


<extremely car salesman voice>

WELL YOU’RE IN LUCK because we’re dishing out a service that meets you at that exact, tricky spot (but doesn’t leave you there).


Hows abouts you get your hands on:

—Copy that doesn’t suck, and instead sells

—Some pro advice and edits on your efforts

—A respite from staring at that blank page

—The impetus to stop putting it off and actually, f*cking START.

Sounds dreamy, huh? We think so. Which is why I teamed up with one of my favorite copywriters, and the woman responsible for most of your favorite copy on my site—Lyndsay Rush—to offer some quickfire, get-your-ass-in-gear copyediting.


Or as we’re calling it, Copyrocking. Because we’re taking your DIY-written copy and cranking out a heightened, expert version. At a price point you can live with, with a turnaround time you’ll die for. (So you can rock out with your…copy out.)


So, if you:

  • Have a new offering or a new side biz that you want to get up and out into the world…
  • Aren’t entirely confident with your writing (or marketing) skills…
  • Want to get a pro’s take on a draft you’ve already taken a stab at

Copyrocking is for you.


Lyndsay Rush is my main copywriter at Uncaged—she’s responsible for writing all of my course sales pages that have led to sold out programs (and more money in my bank account). She’s a freaking whiz when it comes to helping you make your copy clear, compelling, and marketable and her ‘word flavor’ is bold, witty, and unexpected. She runs her own biz, offering full-service copywriting, but is only offering CopyRocking here at Uncaged! Having her eyeballs and brain on your copy is the gift that will keep on giving…to your clients and to your bottom line.


Here’s how Copyrocking works:

  1. You select which copy you want help on—Home Page, About Page, Services Page, or Sales Page.
  2. We give you a short copy questionnaire to glean what your biz is all about + our expert templates to get your first draft down in an orderly, compelling manner. Bonus: you can keep that template and use it again and again to get your ideas off of your head and onto the page the way the pros do it.
  3. You email Lyndsay to get on her schedule (average bookout time is 2 weeks).
  4. On your start date you submit your best take (as though you were going to publish it) in a word or google doc  +  the filled-out questionnaire and then Lyndsay gets to work reviewing what you’ve written and making concrete suggestions and notes and prompts in Google Docs.
  5. In 10 days or less, you then have a juicy, expert-edited and ideated web page that you can quickly tweak and finesse and then hit the mother f*cking publish button.



  • Home Page (the front page of your website)- $175
  • Services Page (brief description of each of your services, on one page) – $225
  • About Page (the most clicked on page on your website!) – $275
  • Sales Page (in-depth page about one of your services/courses/products) – $350

No hefty fees. No hidden costs. No revisions.

Just expert eyes and brain editing your pre-written copy, and no more reasons to procrastinate that launch.



How do I know if I need a services page or a sales page?

A service page is basically an overview of your services. You need this if you have several offerings and want to give a short rundown of all of the ways people can work with you. This type of page includes an intro (covering why you are different, your philosophy, stats, etc.) and then a mini paragraph explaining each service in buy-worthy detail. They would then click on the option they want to learn more about which would lead them to a "sales page". The services page is just this first page with the mini descriptions.

You need a full sales page if you have a new product, service, course or other offering that needs its own page to live on (usually this is where people go from your service page if they want more info on an offering). This is usually 3-5 pages and goes into deeper detail on the pain points, benefits, features, rundown, testimonials, etc!

What’s the diff between this and regular copywriting?

Good ‘ol fashioned copywriting involves the copywriter creating something from scratch. They will take your branding, strategy, goals, and IDEAS and create pieces from scratch (and, thus, at a higher price point). Copyrocking takes your DRAFT (that you've already written based on our handy templates) and gets it in front of expert eyes to transform it into a smoother, more compelling, wittier, plain-ol-better version. Lyndsay will edit, tweak, and review your pre-written copy.

Wait. Are you just giving suggestions, or actually editing and re-writing my Work?

Both. But primarily we’re editing/rewriting the bulk of your draft. If there is missing information, or suggestions/ideas/brainstorms that Lyndsay comes across while writing she will leave those as notes! Also, because you followed the template so well, there may be sections that we absolutely love and can leave as is (this often happens with offering features on sales pages, for example. That sort of instructional language is usually solid).

What if my first draft really really sucks?

We’re actually huge fans of “shitty first drafts” because ya know what? Even if it’s “bad” it’s one giant step ahead of so so many other entrepreneurs because it’s—you guessed it— STARTED! As long as you’ve thoughtfully gone through the template, you know your offering and your audience, and you’ve got the CORE INFO down, we can absolutely improve upon the catchiness and flow.

I don’t want curse words or jokes in my copy. Is that okay?

Of course! You certainly don’t have to have blatant curse words or outright jokes in your copy (and you can answer as such in your questionnaire). That’s not for every audience, of course. HOWEVER, both Rebecca and Lyndsay’s brands are big believers in witty, unexpected, FUN branding and copy, so if you prefer more tame, black and white, traditional wording, this may not be for you.

What happens if I don’t love my Copyrocked version? Do I get revisions?

This service is intended to provide a shiny, new draft that will include ideas and suggestions for improving certain pieces. It does not include revisions because it’s intended to give you one pro's take on what she would do with your page/copy. Something to keep in mind: much like anything you hire someone to do, you likely won’t love every single element of it. That’s human and natural. What is more likely is that you will see certain words or jokes that you wouldn’t personally make, or other small terms or phrases you’d want swapped - those are tiny tweaks you can easily make on your own and the core flow and strategy of your new draft will be in really good shape.

I already have a page written—do I still need to use your template?

Yes Sirree. And here’s why: with this service we’re not just doctoring up your drafts, we’re teaching a marketing strategy behind those pretty words. Like most good things, there’s a method to the madness. It will be helpful for you to check out your page/draft and see what’s missing, how your order may be different, etc. You’ll actually learn a lot by working what you already have into the template and then back into a new draft (and you can use that new knowledge to help you write your other website pages - score!)

Once I buy, how long do I have to write my first draft?

Once you buy, you’ll email Lyndsay to get on her schedule. Traditionally she books this service 2 weeks out (but sometimes it can be earlier!). Your draft and questionnaire are due on your start date and you’ll get your Copyrocked version within 10 days from your start date.

Do I need to use Google docs?

While you may submit your draft in word doc, Lyndsay will return your copyrocked version in Google Docs, so it’s good to be familiar. The document will not only contain her professional edit of your draft but also comments and suggestions throughout on where you could insert other information, or any other brainstorms she’s come up with.

Will Becca be helping edit my copy too?

Nope! Becca is leaving this one to the pros (ie. Lyndsay). She hires Lyndsay to do all her major copywriting (Lyndz even wrote this here page you're reading!) and trusts her 100%. No more shelling out $$ for a good enough copywriter and then getting a dud. You can be sure that your Copyrocking will be top notch and is Uncaged approved! Once you buy your session, you'll be send everything you need to get started and will take it from there with Lyndsay at the helm of the process.

This sounds great! What if I want more than one of my pages Copyrocked?

Awesome! Just add one of the services to your shopping cart, click "back" and then add the other. You can checkout for both together, and your start date will be the same for both!

Do you to taglines or business names?

At this time, we are not Copyrocking taglines or business names, but that could change in the future!

Can I hire Lyndsay for full-service Copywriting?

You sure can! Go check out her site at for the full scoop.

Ready to get Copyrocked?