So, you need help.

Copy help to be specific (and perhaps more, but that’s not what we’re here for).

Chances are, if you’re just starting out (or ramping up something new), you may not have the budget or the bandwidth to get a full-blown, from-scratch, top-dog copywriting package….but you’re definitely not confident with your writing skills.


WELL YOU’RE IN LUCK because we’re dishing out a service that meets you at that exact, tricky spot (but doesn’t leave you there).


Hows abouts you get your hands on:

  • Copy that doesn’t suck, and instead sells
  • Some pro advice and edits on your efforts
  • A respite from staring at that blank page
  • The impetus to stop putting it off and actually, f*cking START.


Sounds dreamy, huh? We think so. Which is why I teamed up with one of my favorite people, who just happens to be a brilliant copywriter—Abby Oliver—to offer some quickfire, get-your-ass-in-gear copyediting.


Or as we’re calling it, Copyrocking. Because we’re taking your DIY-written copy and cranking out a heightened, expert version. At a price point you can live with, with a turnaround time you’ll die for. (So you can rock out with your...copy out.)


So, if you:

  • Have a new offering or a new side biz that you want to get up and out into the world…
  • Aren’t entirely confident with your writing (or marketing) skills…
  • Want to get a pro's take on a draft you’ve already taken a stab at


Copyrocking is for you.


Who is Abby?

Abby Oliver is, amongst many other things, a brilliant marketer and copywriter. With a background in PR, she knows what people need to hear to make it a YES. Abby is intuitive, analytical, funny, and persuasive -- all the things you want a copywriter to be. Give her your Copyrocking draft and she'll whip it up into something your clients (and you ) drool over!

Here’s how Copyrocking works:

  1. You select which copy you want help on—Home Page, About Page, Services Page, or Sales Page.
  2. We give you a short copy questionnaire to glean what your biz is all about + our expert templates to get your first draft down in an orderly, compelling manner. Bonus: you can keep that template and use it again and again to get your ideas off of your head and onto the page the way the pros do it.
  3. You email Abby to get on her schedule (average book out time is 2 weeks).
  4. On your start date you submit your best take (as though you were going to publish it) in a word or google doc  +  the filled-out questionnaire and then Abby gets to work reviewing what you’ve written and making concrete suggestions and notes and prompts in Google Docs.
  5. In 10 days or less, you then have a juicy, expert-edited and ideated web page that you can quickly tweak and finesse and then hit the mother f*cking publish button.

Buy Your Copyrocking Service Here


  • Home Page (the front page of your website)- $300
  • Services Page (brief description of each of your services, on one page) – $225
  • About Page (the most clicked on page on your website!) – $300
  • Sales Page (in-depth page about one of your services/courses/products) – $350


No hefty fees. No hidden costs. No revisions.

Just expert eyes and brain editing your pre-written copy, and no more reasons to procrastinate that launch.