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Because you need people by your side who GET IT

Our FREE community runs on Facebook and is an amazing place to meet other business owners just like you! It’s like a sorority, except it’s not full of bitches and you don’t have to do anything illegal to join. Oh and also – any age/gender/stage of biz is welcome.

I’m not gonna lie—being in business for yourself is DAMN hard work. Sitting at home alone all day in your PJs, drinking wine at noon while you write your latest blog post sounds great, but doing it day after day it can start to feel lonely and isolating.

And lone-wolfing it is totally not sexy.
(Trust me—I Googled “sexy lone wolf” images, and not a single sexy lone-wolf turned up.)

It’s a known fact that your business grows faster when you have people to bounce ideas off of, support you when you’re feeling like tearing your hair out, answers when you have no idea where else to turn, and friends who actually GET it (unlike your family and real-person friends, who just think you’re playing with a fun hobby, and keep begging you to come back to reality and get a “real job”).

That’s why it’s so hugely important to be connected to other solo- and almost-preneurs on an ongoing basis.

That’s why I created the Uncaged community—so you don’t have to feel like you’re alone in this.

And while I’m decidedly biased since it is my group, I can tell you that the Uncaged community is one of the most amazing communities out there. 

It’s a place where you can meet and network with other small location-independent business owners, grow your reach, find opportunities for collaboration, run your ideas by others who genuinely want to see you succeed (there is ZERO competition in this group), and find a safe place to test your new products and services (many people get their first clients from the group!)

  • It’s the OPPOSITE of one of those groups where you post and only hear crickets (wah wahhhh. Isn’t that the worst?)
  • It is 100% SPAM-FREE (we have a strict rule that you can only promote your business once a week, because the last thing you need is another group full of tacky self-indulgent promotions).
  • And it’s full of spunky, smart, and driven women (and some men!) of all ages from all over the world.
  • It’s totally free to join (because I know you already have enough to pay for in your business).

Rebecca Tracey If you don’t know or if you haven’t heard it lately YOU ARE AWESOME!!! I LOVE this group and refer my clients, friends, coaches, etc to it because it is one of the few beautiful places on the internet where people ACTUALLY help each other! THANK YOU!!!

Markita Samuel

It has been my dream to bring my fitness business online for many years, and this community has been a real game changer from me. From getting the confidence I needed to just get going and put myself out there, to getting much needed support for technology terrors that of course just popped up as the clients started coming in, to amazing new clients I’ve met—this group is the $hit! Renews my faith in online groups, humanity, and is bringing me the business and life I’ve only dreamed of. I heart Becca and the Uncaged community!

Catherine Basu

This is the most amazing group I belong to!

Stephanie McClain

Rebecca Tracey is a no-shiz biz chick and provides info you can sink your teeth into. She genuinely wants to help you succeed, takes the time and adds solid value.

Donna Delsignore

I use the Uncaged group as an example of a truly fantastic community ALL THE TIME. When people say they don’t get any value from Facebook groups or they are only ever an echo chamber of people promoting themselves, this is where I send them. And this kind of supportive, thriving community does not happen by accident. It’s your super hands-on moderation and completely collaborative spirit that makes this one of my favourite places to hang out online.

Jackie Johnstone

I haven’t worked with you yet but from what I have experienced online is that you are REAL and your business is really a expression of who you are. Just by expressing who you are without gimmicks/defensiveness or a hidden agenda (you just tell people the truth) you captivate your audience (well me for sure).

Ashley Van Brabant

You are not afraid to be exactly who you are and open about everything you do.I love your transparency and authenticity, and the fact that you really want all of us to succeed (and are reaching out and helping us all the time). Thank you!

Laura Jones

When I joined the Uncaged group, I was so lost. I had been spending months trying to figure out which way to go. Rebecca has totally changed my business around. She is upfront, honest & so inspiring. This group is full of kick-ass people who are always willing to reach out and help! If you are ready to live your Uncaged life—look no further. This is it!

Caitlin Ariah

Rebecca I just stumbled on to your blog a few days back when I typed what to do with my life (btw your blog comes first on Google search) and guess what – after reading only a few posts,I had my eureka moment and I’m on the right track, THANK YOU.

Prakash Servai

I’m part of other groups that are paid, and the Uncaged group is still one of the most engaged and supportive groups out there! Becca does an amazing job making sure the environment is collaborative and not spammy. The only thing missing is a daily Leonard Cohen quote—but I will let that that go ;)

Lis Dingjan

I love that Rebecca refuses to pull punches, delivering straight-up advice to those who need it. This is an invaluable, active community for passionate solopreneurs and one of the few I pay attention to.

Nikki Groom

This is the most engaging fb group I've ever been in. Everyone here is sooo extremely helpful and unselfish with sharing their input and recommendations. It's a MUST BE A PART of community to join if you're a solopreneur!

Erica Vincent

Becca's community is one of the first Facebook groups I joined when I wanted to learn more about online entrepreneurship, and it's the *only* group I've stayed in since the beginning.

Other groups slowly give in to self-promotion, but Becca has a great grasp on managing to be super helpful yet firm on the community rules at the same time.

It's one of just a couple of Facebook groups I have in my "favorites" for easy access! There are hundreds of business Facebook groups, but this community has risen to the top.

Mallie Rydzik

I love Rebecca's Uncaged Group! It's an awesome place to stop by + get some inspiration + help from the fellow Uncaged Lifers as well as to pay it forward when you can be of assistance!

Patti Lynn