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I’m not gonna lie—being in business for yourself is DAMN hard work. Sitting at home alone all day in your PJs, drinking wine at noon while you write your latest blog post sounds great, but doing it day after day it can start to feel lonely and isolating.


And lone-wolfing it is totally not sexy.

(Trust me—I Googled “sexy lone wolf” images, and not a single sexy lone-wolf turned up.)

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It’s a known fact that your business grows faster when you have people to bounce ideas off of, support you when you’re feeling like tearing your hair out, answers when you have no idea where else to turn, and friends who actually GET it (unlike your family and real-person friends, who just think you’re playing with a fun hobby, and keep begging you to come back to reality and get a “real job”).

That’s why it’s so hugely important to be connected to other solo- and almost-preneurs on an ongoing basis.

Join the Uncaged Community!

And while I’m decidedly biased since it is my group, I can tell you that the Uncaged community is one of the most amazing communities out there.

It’s a place where you can meet and network with other small location-independent business owners, grow your reach, find opportunities for collaboration, run your ideas by others who genuinely want to see you succeed (there is ZERO competition in this group), and find a safe place to test your new products and services (many people get their first clients from the group!)

  • It’s the OPPOSITE of one of those groups where you post and only hear crickets (wah wahhhh. Isn’t that the worst?)
  • It is 100% promo-free (we have a strict rule against this because the last thing you need is another group full of tacky self-indulgent promotions).
  • And it’s full of spunky, smart, and driven women (and some men!) of all ages from all over the world with all different kinds of businesses
  • It’s totally free to join (because I know you already have enough to pay for in your business).

Becca really gives her clients everything!

- Jamie Jensen


Working with Becca was the best investment I have ever made in my business.

- Elizabeth Buckley Goddard


Uncage Your Business is the holy grail of courses! I made my money back within days of starting!

- Kimber Lee