As a new-ish coach or solopreneur, getting clients is the #1 thing you should be focusing on in your business - but howww??

This exclusive, curated collection of workshops, trainings, and coaching will teach you exactly what you need to know to help you bring in the clients and cash sooner in your business 

(and no, dancing around and pointing at the air in Reels is NOT necessary!)


Ready? Let's go!

The "Get Clients" Workshop Bundle for Coaches

Watch our flagship workshop:

The ONLY 5 Things You Need To Get Coaching Clients (Without A Website, Without Networking Events, And Without Being All Over Social Media)



This bundle was made for you if:

  • You're a life coach, health coach, or other solopreneur who is just getting started in your online biz (oh hey!)
  • You've been discouraged and confused with all you've learned up to this point, which has made the idea of starting a business feel overwhelming, confusing, and frustrating! (I promise it doesn't have to be SO hard!)
  • You've been on the struggle bus trying to figure out what works and seeing NO results --  you're posting on social media and haphazardly reaching out to people, but mostly hiding under your covers watching Netflix because this shit is HARD!

There is so much (bad) advice out there for new coaches.
It's time for something new and SOMETHING SO MUCH SIMPLER.

There are so many people yelling that you have to be EVERYWHERE to get clients. That you need to be making reels, and be on TikTok, and creating a course, and, and and.... and it's all OVERWHELMING. There are WAY too many shiny objects, it's no wonder most new coaches are drowning and on the verge of giving up.

This is because the strategies that most people are teaching, are NOT the fastest way to get clients. Most of these strategies can work for coaches that are already established, have an audience, and are making money.


It's time to eliminate all the shiny objects and replace them with a simple and sustainable strategy for getting your coaching business off the ground.  This exclusive workshop collection will show you the pieces you have been missing, will demystify the process of how coaches get paying clients, and will teach you the 4 marketing foundations that will become the pillars of your business FOREVER (yes, literally forever. No, I am not just saying that! Whether you learn them from us, or you learn them from someone else, you need these 4 things to be successful).

The only 5 things you need to get clients

This workshop collection will show you exactly what hundreds of our successful students did to make their businesses work (finally!)

Our clients are now working full-time in their coaching businesses, and have been able to build the Uncaged jobs of their dreams by following simple, proven marketing strategies (tried and true, not shiny and new and bound to fade out in a few months). This exclusive collection of  workshops, recordings, and training will show you exactly what they did, and specifically what you need to focus on when you are a NEW coach.

Learn the keys to getting paying coaching clients (without having to be all over social media).

Learn the fastest path to getting a client tomorrow (WAY simpler than you think)

Watch the video workshops instantly when you enroll, and enjoy at your own pace, on your time (lifetime access!)

See behind the scenes of successful coaching businesses and hear what advice they have for you

Meet Your Host, Becca Tracey

I've spent the last decade working with NEW coaches and other kinds of service-based businesses (healers, sleep consultants, lawyers, nutritionists etc), helping them learn how to get their first (and next) paying clients.

In that time, I've worked with thousands of new businesses, and have been lucky enough to have been able to see what's worked over the long-term (a decade is an eternity in the online coaching world!)

As the industry grows and shifts, algorithms become less reliable, and as the world a place where anyone can run their own business - I have seen the same core marketing foundations continue to work, over and over again.

And this workshop bundle is our chance to share everything with you, so you can set yourself up for success in an ever-evolving industry by learning the foundations that will help you build a sustainable business, no matter what the latest fad is.


You got into coaching because you wanted to COACH (not become a full-time marketer)...

We are excited to share with you that you CAN build a 6-figure coaching business without needing to be on every platform, running ads, creating complicated funnels and launches, and that you CAN do it sooner than you think.

Our workshops are a inside look at how to keep your coaching business SIMPLE. No one else is sharing this because, to be honest - these strategies aren't "sexy'. Everyone wants to jump in and sell a course about the latest marketing trend. But those strategies don't work when you're NEW (they rely on you already having certain things in place in your business, and even then, they don't work for every business). There is a reason I have been teaching the same strategies for over 10 years and a reason they CONTINUE to work.

If you want a SIMPLE coaching business that lets you do what you love, help people, and have time (and money) to live the lifestyle you want, I can't wait to share more.


Learn how 1000s of coaches and service-based business owners have Uncaged themselves and built their businesses into careers they love.

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Workshop #1:

The ONLY 5 Things You Need To Get Paying Clients

In our flagship training, you'll learn the biggest things you can do NOW in your business to get traction the fastest.

In this workshop you will learn:

  • The 3 biggest mistakes most new business owners make that stop them from getting clients
  • ONE tweak you can make to your marketing right now to get clients ASAP
  • The 4 foundations your business NEEDS in order to attract clients long-term
  • How to get referrals in the simplest way possible
  • A foundational strategy you can use over and over again no matter what the newest trend is on social media


Workshop #2:

"Behind-The-Scenes" Of Successful Coaching Businesses

This raw, real, deep dive conversation is taking you behind the scenes of 4 successful coaches who are sharing what it *really* takes to create success in your business. Unscripted and uncensored, this is the REAL truth about building a business that the "gurus" don't want you to hear.

These coaches are pulling back the curtain on

  • What it took to get to a place they were living off JUST their income from their business
  • What worked and what didn't in their marketing
  • What packages and pricing they had most success with
  • Their tips for how YOU can fast-track your success as a new coach

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Screen Shot 2022-08-19 at 2.39.25 PM

Workshop #3:

Master Your Mindset (And No That Doesn't Mean Fake It Til You Make It)

In this intimate students-only mindset coaching session,  you'll watch our expert mindset coach Erin work with our Uncage Your Business students to help them move past blocks that have kept them stuck for years.

You will watch Erin coach students on

  • How to stop freaking out that you are "behind" in building your business (or in your career)
  • Procrastinating on putting yourself out there because you feel like "who am I to be doing this"
  • Being too nervous to actually start working with people and doing 1000 other things instead of doing the thing that you know will get  you clients

Mindset work is SO much more than just cheerleading, and you can take the exact mindset coaching strategies Erin uses in this video, and apply them on yourself to help overcome imposter syndrome, fear of failure, procrastination, and more.

Workshop #4:

Live Coaching Call with our Uncage Your Business students

In this replay of one of our live coaching calls, you'll get to watch us coach new business owners through some of the foundational marketing pieces

In this video you'll hear us coach:

  • A life coach who is struggling to identify the MAIN problem she solves for her clients
  • An end of life doula who is breaking into coaching and wants help clarifying her niche of "grief coaching"
  • A menstrual cycle coach who is struggling with how much of her process to include in her marketing
  • An esthetician-turned-business coach who wonders how niche-y is TOO niche-y
  • A personal branding expert who wants to know where to source clients outside of FB and IG

Watching others get coached can often unlock answers to questions you didn't even know you had, and generate a-ha moments that might just be the turning point for your new business

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We love helping coaches who are doing amazing things in the world. The world is a better place when you succeed, and we are on board to help get you there faster (the world needs you!)


Simplify your marketing and and learn how to get your first coaching offer out there, faster


You need a marketing strategy you can count on (so you don't have to learn a new one every damn month!). Grow your coaching business with simple marketing foundations that work.

Get instant access to the workshop collection now!

The only 5 things you need to get clients
    • Lifetime Access to these 4 actionable workshops bonus sessions
    • Workshop #1: The ONLY 5 Things You Need To Get Paying Clients
    • Workshop #2: Behind The Scenes Of 6 Successful Coaching Businesses
    • Workshop #3: Master Your Mindset
    • Workshop #4: Live Coaching With Our Uncage Your Business Students
    • Expert Panel Sessions: Get the real-deal behind-the-scenes details from REAL coaches
    • Trainings and sessions specifically designed for NEW coaches and service-based businesses (so you can be sure the strategies will work for you)
    • Instant Access so you can start learning and applying these strategies today!

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