Whining Is Just Another Word For Amateur. Step. It. Up.

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I’ve been working on getting my new digital course Stop Whining + Start Living up and out there, and have been thinking a lot about why I chose such a weird title.

Other than the fact that I found it kind of funny, why do I feel compelled to tell people to stop whining?


Oh right – it’s because I can’t stand whiners.


Whining is a cop-out. It’s a way of not dealing with your shit and not taking control of your life.

If you want something badly enough, what are you gonna do to get it?

It’s time for us all (myself included) to step it up a few notches. Start living like you mean it. And making choices like they matter (because they do).


When you’re dead serious about creating a life, a relationship, a business, an adventure for yourself, you make it your top priority, plain and simple.


When you’re serious about changing your life, every choice matters. What you spend your time doing. Who you spend your time with. Where you dedicate your energy and where you slack off.

If you want to start a successful business that gets clients and makes money, put the time in. Do the work. Stop spending all your money on new shoes, nights out with the girls, and trips to the Caribbean. Use it instead for that business course you know you need, but can’t afford.

If you want to meet a quality man, stop going to the same trashy bars, getting wasted, and taking home losers.

If you want to travel the world, quit your job and get your ass on a plane.

It’s all about geography, choices, and deciding to prioritize this thing that you want so badly.


Because I guarantee, if you want it badly enough, and you put the time, energy, money, and love into what it is you’re going for, there’s no way you won’t get it.

xx becca

What have you been whining about in your life, and what will you do to step it up and start prioritizing your dreams? Share in the comments below.

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  1. Stacey

    Hi Becca!

    Fabulous article today! & exactly what I needed to read this morning.

    I (hate) get very frustrated with whiners, but also find myself becoming one whenever I feel really stuck – like I do at the moment…

    I talk (whine) to people about how much my work sucks, but don’t do anything to change it, as I’m studying also and don’t have time to pursue my REAL dreams (bug fat whiny excuse). It’s almost like I wait for someone to give me permission to leave my job, and be happy – but I’m the only one who can give it ultimately…

    I haven’t made the things I want my top priority in a long time, or my happiness – although I tell everyone else to do it. Your email has lit that fire in my belly again, and I can see the possibilities for my life clearly.

    Now I feel like I have permission from myself to take the risks and just do it!

    Thank you!!
    XX Stacey

  2. Anna

    Love it! Take life by the horns and show it whose boss! I have a few candidates in mind for your program ;) when it launches, I will gently guide them your way.

  3. Rebecca

    Awesome Stacey! I think everyone gets to a point where we get fed up enough with ourselves that we have no choice but to make a change. A good clue is when you start to get annoyed of hearing your own excuses! Get out there ans start living like you mean it – sounds like it’s about time :)

  4. Rebecca

    Aw, thanks Anna! Loving seeing YOU taking life by the horns.

  5. Janell

    Like always Becca you inspire me to move forward. Really, you give me a kick in the pants which is much needed. I tend to find myself with a heap of excuses. It’s time to stop whining and make my dreams a reality.
    Thanks again! Janell

  6. Tammy R

    Inspiring words, Becca. I am so glad to have reached your blog. I like your fiery personality and writing style. I am a reformed, closet whiner. Actually, I mostly whined in my head and to my husband. He has little fear and took the leap to live his day job, and finally I listened to him as he gently kicked my ass, and did the same. Now I have that excited Christmas Eve feel you mention in your About Me page. I am excited to go to bed every night and get up the next day. I look forward to reading more of your posts!