What The Fuck Should I Do With My Life? Part 1.

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I remember a time, not so long ago, when I had no idea what the fuck I wanted to do with my life. So I did some stuff, yadda yadda yadda, and I finally figured it out.

Congratulations to me! 

But seriously. It comes as no surprise that one of the most common questions I get asked (after “What’s that smell coming off you?”), is


“What the fuck should I do with my life?”


And my answer is always “Yesterday’s onions”.

And then, “Hire a goddamn coach”. And even though I don’t do this type of coaching anymore (I now only work with people who have a fairly good sense of what they want to do, and that is starting a business as a coach or consultant or freelancer), I still think it’s work a chat with a life coach if you’re stuck in the WHAT DO I DO phase.

But not everyone can afford to hire a goddamn coach, right? Or they’re not ready. Or they have other priorities. Or they’re scared they’ll start to smell like yesterday’s onions.

I happen to love curry, ok? Give it a rest.




You want someone to tell you how to figure your shit out, yeah?

Well – I’ll tell ya. Just hang tight.

First, let’s think about this situation, one you’ve likely been in before.

You ask the universe what you should do with your life. And some holier-than-thou-self-help addict sits you down and gives a sage piece of advice. They tell you, “You must do what you love.”

You think this is some pretty smart shit, so you start to think about what you love.


You love dancing! I guess you could be a famous dancer! Or teach dance lessons? Or become a stripper, cuz that’s kinda like dancing, right? Ummm…


Or do you love travelling!? You can get paid to travel! Maybe work for the travel channel on TV, going around reviewing all the fancy hotels all over the world! You will be a  professional traveller! Yes! Amazing! Except that this professional traveller thing – it’s not really a thing. You sorta need to have some other skill to offer, but your writing sucks and your face just wasn’t made for tv (don’t worry – I’m sure you have a nice personality). So what now?


Or lemme guess – you love Facebook? You could work for Facebook! Or marry Mark Zuckerberg. But only if he looks like Justin Timberlake in that movie, because you don’t find the real Zuckerberg attractive (except for that one sexy dream you had about him… but you’re pretty sure that was more about the money than his looks). And oh god – now that you’ve admitted that he’ll surely never hire you to work for Facebook. Ugh – what now?


Do you see this cycle we put ourselves into? “Do what you love” is usually taken quite literally, and we get all screwed up thinking about literal ways to create jobs centered around LOLcats and napping in the park.

This whole DO WHAT YOU LOVE stuff. It’s not being used the right way.

So you wanna know how to figure it all out? Listen up.


What if you worked in a job that let you have a lifestyle that you loved? A lifestyle that allowed you to have time for all these passions of yours, without actually having to make your passions your work?

What if THAT’S the secret behind figuring out what to do with your life?



Like, whoa. 

Actually  I lied about telling you I’d help you figure it all out. Gawd – you think I can tell you the secrets to life in one post? You must really think I’m a genius.

I think I’ll let ya chew on that one for a while, and we’ll get to the rest soon enough, my anxious little crusaders.

Stay tuned for Part 2.

And now – to make some curry…




PS. If you’re SURE that what you want to do with your life is run your own business that gives you the freedom and lifestyle to actually LIVE life the way you want, check out my free training to help you figure out what business you should start.




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  1. I love your voice–very direct, and you had me laughing. As a coach, I know where you’re coming from-I get this question a lot too. The quickest way to findout what you want to do is to first get rid of all the crap in your head about what everyone else thinks you should do. Stop shoulding all over yourself. Once you work with a coach to find your shoulds and eliminate them, you can actually create something that’s yours.

  2. Rebecca

    YES – this is great wisdom. It’s so easy to get caught up in what we think we SHOULD be doing (or what our parents, or friends, or partners) think we should be doing, that we totally forget to take into consideration what WE WANT to be doing. Like, duh.

    Thanks for connecting Paul!

  3. Dale T

    Your writing is very unique,to the point,understandable,and very good..I am trying to come up with something to blog with to start making some money online..The problem I’m having is settling on what topic to start with that I will stay with and follow through.I have not even started yet and I’m at a stand still,{“Brain Cramp”},{“Brain Freeze”},{“Cranium Fart”}, ETC….. “hope that’s not going to happen to often once I get started.. That’s it for tonight have to get some sleep for my other job.. Nite;

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  6. stev

    And where the fuck is part 2 ?!