What The Fuck Should I Do With My LIfe. Part 3.

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When I started writing this email series last week, I had no idea how long it would be. 6 posts? 10? How much would I have to write to help people figure out what they should be doing with their lives?

The topic is epic.

Turns out the formula is not.


Lifestyle + Strengths + Passions + Impact


Consider all of these aspects, and you should be able to design a nice little life for yourself. A life where you feel fulfilled and happy, instead of feeling like you’d rather chop your arm off than spend another day in this hell.

We’ve covered the lifestyle, strengths and passions bits. The final piece can be as easy or as hard as you make it.

What impact do you want to have in the world? What’s your contribution?

It’s easy to go ahead and poo-poo the idea that you could ever make a difference in the world, to believe that in the grand scheme of things, you don’t really matter. And to that I say SHAME ON YOU. If you don’t believe that you matter, to something or someone, to a greater cause – then please stop reading this blog right now. Seriously. I’m not interested in trying to convince the self-deprecating and uninspired that you’re more than a piece of meat in this world. Go off and feel sorry for yourselves on your own time. This blog is for the believers.

And it’s worth noting that you already do have an impact, whether you know it or not. Everything you do impacts someone or something else in some way. More on that jazz in a later post though.

Anyway. Now that that’s taken care of, if you’re still reading it’s because you believe that you can and do actually have an impact. Congratulations! Now let’s get to figuring out what exactly that impact is.

Actually – you can start by simply answering this very straightforward question:


What impact do you want to have on the world?


You may already have  super clear vision. or it may be a little foggy. If the latter is true, try considering these prompts:


You’ve been given a billboard, to be plastered along the side of the busiest road in the world. You get to put whatever you want on the billboard. What do you write on it?


Picture this. You’re giving a speech to a packed auditorium. The room is filled with people, all there to hear you speak. As you step up to the microphone, time freezes for an instant and you hear a voice that says your name, and then says “In the next 30 seconds, you will have a chance to have any impact you want on this group of people. It will only be one chance, but every person in this room will be changed in some way because of the message you have for them, right now. 30 seconds. Go.”……30……15….10….5…4…3…2…1. What impact did you have? How was this group of people changed because of what you had to say?


Think way in the future. Like, so way ahead that you’ve already dead. What’s written on your tombstone?


Now remember your funeral. Who was there? What did they say about you? What impact did you have on all the people you touched in your life?


Look at your answers above and see if you notice any themes. Is there a common thread in all of them? A word or phrase that keeps coming up? An idea of how you view the world that just seems to fit for you? String some thoughts together into a mission statement of sorts.

Your life purpose – defined. That’s your impact. 

It doesn’t matter what kind of work you do or on what scale – and impacting a small group of people isn’t any better or worse than changing the entire world through your message. What matters is that whatever you decide to do with your life, it is in line with your mission statement – your big-picture impact.

One of the best ways to make sure that you do work that lines up with your purpose, os to create your own business.It’s not for everyone, but it’s an awesome option for those who know that running their own time and schedule is the only option.

I’ve created a free training to help you figure out what business you should start. Click here to get it, so you can start building the Uncaged business of your dreams.

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  1. ann

    It’s a struggle to balance dreams and reality. I often wish I could give up my mediocre desk job to work retail or something that doesn’t give me nightmares. But the reality is the need for health insurance keeps me in a job that I don’t hate just enough to keep working there. i know you posted this awhile ago. but when I googled “what the fuck to do with my life” there you were.

  2. Ann – that’s a reality that you’re creating for yourself. Not to sound harsh, but there’s ALWAYS a better job, and even if it’s not you DREAM job, there’s always something better than what’s out there. You’e just gotta have the guts to do the work to find it :) Go get it sista.

  3. thaitony

    Very profound. But I really have trouble making the jump from piece of meat in this world to believer. Have you written about the rationale behind that as well? I’ve thought about this before. And from the piece of meat perspective, the purpose of life is reproduction. And wow, that aligned perfectly with the first thing that came to my mind about what I could use the billboard for (the end goal was to get laid).