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To be in business, you need clients.

And to get clients, you have to know your business inside and out, articulate exactly what you do and who you help, and be able to sell them stuff they want.

Sounds simple right? The formula for getting there isn’t that tricky …so why the hell does it all feel like a foreign language? You’re fuzzy, you’re unfocused, and you’re starting to get frustrated.

You know that you want to be:

Working in your business full-time

Serving clients you love

Paying your bills (with money to spare for trips, family, and booze and bread and all the essentials AND some luxuries)

Recognized as a business owner and a leader in your industry (so that people come to you and the constant hustle for clients is OVER).

Whether you want to be on stage speaking or you want to be selling out group programs, one thing is clear – you want a business that is more than just a hobby.

You want feel confident in what you’ve created and you want to love talking to others about what you’re doing and you want to feel like the baller business owner that you dream of being. Because you are really fucking good at what you do!! People should know! And hire you!

But right now? Right now you’re feeling stuck, overwhelmed, and unfocused (there’s that word again).

What the hell?

While you’ve been trying to get your business off the ground, you’ve taken programs, talked to friends, scoured Facebook groups, signed up for every free marketing training under the sun, and learned what you can. You’ve been introduced to tactics that either don’t make a ton of sense or don’t seem to work for you (like posting endlessly on Facebook and then crying in the corner when you don’t get any likes). You’ve been trying to see how it all applies to you.

You can’t clearly describe what you do (it’s a mess even in your own head!), which makes it nearly impossible to do anything else in your business and get results.

Uncage  Your Business is exactly for you. It’s a month of taking focused action in your business, doing what it takes to actually help you get clients. Because you’re ready.

Next round starts September 12. Enter your email here to get notified when registration opens. Spaces fill quickly!