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A 5-week live program to help you get clear, get confident,

and get clients!

October 7th to November 8th, 2019

Learn what it takes to
get clients all up in your
(online) business >>

from the comfort of
your own pantslessness.


Grab your spot now!

As Seen In:



To be in business, you need clients.

But so far, it’s mostly crickets (other than your mom cheering you on. Thanks, Mom!)

You’re working hard but you still feel:

  • Fuzzy (and not in a fun, margarita way)

  • Unfocused (so many things to do, so much Netflix to watch)

  • Frustrated (worse than when the Wifi is slow)


Nothing you’re doing seems to be working—and you’re doing a LOT! (Or maybe you’re in the camp of people who have stopped doing anything at all, because it’s super defeating to work so hard with no results).

It’s like, you knew starting a business would be hella hard, but is it normal for it to be THIS hard? Wasn’t this supposed to be at least sorta fulfilling and freeing?

You Are SO Ready For:

  • Having a full-time business (that makes money), not a hobby (that takes money)
  • Serving clients you legitimately love
  • Paying your bills (with money to spare for trips, family, and booze, and bread—all the essentials AND some luxuries, dammnit),

  • Being recognized as a business owner and a leader in your industry

  • The constant hustle for clients to be OVER (boy, bye!)

Whether you want to be selling out group programs, or  on stage speaking or simply just getting paid well for work you love….one thing is clear—you want a business that is more than just a “side hustle” (and you’re ready to not hear that phrase ever again).

Because you are really fucking good at what you do!! People should know! And hire you!

DSC03869 copy 2_3
DSC03869 copy_3


The hard truth: everything you’ve been doing is not actually helping you get clients, make money, or get any closer to to your dreams.

What the hell??


I know. It’s brutal. And it’s not like you haven’t been doing things to get your business off the ground (or so you thought):

  • You’ve taken programs (mayyybe too many?)
  • Talked to friends (who don't understand wtf you're doing)
  • Scoured Facebook groups (bye-bye, hours of your time)
  • Signed up for every free marketing training under the sun
  • Done all the things all the internet people have told you to do (which is like, a LOT)


The problem is...

You’re unintentionally behaving like an entrepreneurial lemming (aka doing what everyone else is doing) and using tactics that either don’t really apply to you, or don’t seem to work for you (like posting endlessly on Facebook and then crying in the corner when you don’t get any likes).

What you need is a ray of hope that you will figure this out; someone to throw you a freaking bone.


Picture me yell-singing
“I can be your hero babbaaayyyy.”

(and then forgive me because that song is the worst)
but seriously, if you give me 5 weeks of your time,
I’ll give you a business that finally WORKS.
We’re going to take some serious FOCUSED action on doing
what it really takes to help you get clients

Because you’re ready.

And it’s (way past) time you got the projects
and profits you deserve.


Uncage Your Business was one of my first business investments, 4 years ago.

I have since gone on to invest $10,000s in every kinda course, 1:1 coaching, group program, mastermind, live event, etc imaginable. Let's just say I know what's out there. Loudest voice in my mind 90% of the time? Becca's.

We never really know the impact of our choices until some time has passed. 4 years is a lot of time, especially in the lifecycle of the online business world.

I have the 6 figure business I have today, the business I'm wildly obsessed with, I'm the business woman I am... all because of Uncage Your Business.

Becca taught me how to be, how to think, how to make decisions, how to take decisive action. UYB is showing you the philosophy for a (business) way of life. It's going to influence everything from this point forward.

Your business success does not depend on what you know, it depends on what you DO. And if you don't know what to do then you need a framework for that, so get your bums into UYB!


I'm mind blown by how much i got done in 5 weeks!

By investing in UYB, I was investing in a pro telling me what I was doing right and what I needed to change, so that I could fast track to a business that works and keep it fun. The program was direct and easy to follow, so that I knew what to keep and what to cut, so I could quickly move on to the next thing.

And I feel like I CRUSHED it! I feel so accomplished. I am mind-blown by the amount I did in just five weeks. Not only did I solidify my niche and learn how to clearly articulate it (no more awkward moments when people ask what I do!), but I also got valuable insights from market research, came up with multiple package ideas that I love, drafted an About page in just three days (which I'm sure is what running a marathon must feel like!), started my sales page, and made a revenue plan for next year that feels doable.

Erin was also invaluable. I wish I could carry that girl around in my pocket! In just minutes, she helped me understand things about my mind that have impacted my thoughts for years. Do it! UYB is the right foot to start your business on and it’s super fun!

Maria Bellissimo, coach

I sold out my first course and made $6K!

UYB helped me launch my beta version of Guidance Counselling for Adults - my first course! - right before Christmas! It sold out and I made just under $6k.

I was so new to everything in my business and was trying to do everything at once. UYB gave me a clear path forward with what to do in which order, how to find and talk to my clients AND UYB forced me to follow through (thanks Becca!) on my ambitious plans. I'm still selling out all my classes and have created new offers based on the suggestions Becca gave me in UYB. I would seriously not be where I am today without UYB.

Kathryn Meisner, Career Coach


  • You’re dying to find your first (or next) clients...and know how to keep getting them, and getting them, again and again,

  • You’re thirsty for a simple plan to follow (because there’s so much you think you should be doing, but even when you try, nothing is actually yielding results. And that’s annoying af),

  • You’re ready to put money in the bank and feel like a real business owner,

  • You want to stop feeling like an idiot when you try to tell people what you do,

  • You want to stand out in your crowded market and not feel like an entrepreneurial clone,

  • You’re ready to release yourself from hours of internet-stalking; comparing your business (and life) to everyone else. That stops here and now. I will kick you out of the group if I find you obsessing over everyone else’s business but your own (I’m that serious about it!)

  • You want to be seen as someone who has something to say… you just need to figure out what it is and how to say it



No; no it’s not.


  • A clear business message and vision, and absolute confidence in what you do and why you're the best person for the job
  • A clear (and natural sounding!) way to talk about what you do — to yourself & to others (no more blank stares or fumbling with your words!)

  • A niche that finally feels GOOD (without any avatar exercises, woohoo!), and the laser focused ability to discern who your perfect clients are

  • Tested your market with proven market research techniques so you never have to guess what they want or what to create for them ever again (this is like CHEATING in your business once you have this!!)

  • New packages ready to sell to the right people and have it feel easy (and dare I say FUN) - no more vague, boring services that everyone else is selling

  • Pricing that feels good for you, your clients, and your bank account
  • Sales pages, About pages, and other website copy written with clarity and ease
  • Blog post ideas for days (ok months!), and pitch templates so you can start pitching yourself for podcasts and guest posts
  • Scripts to help you get your first or next clients easily
  • Know exactly what you need to do to bring clients in the door. Peace out, guesswork + wasted energy

Uncage Your Business is all about teaching you what it really takes to GET AND KEEP CLIENTS. No fancy marketing gimmicks. No complicated and time consuming social media strategy. No complicated video opt-in sequences or extravagant funnels.

Just some FOCUS and ATTENTION on the parts of your business that really matter—the foundations. (AKA the aspects so many people half-ass or overlook in the rush for success).

You’ll go from feeling like you’re watching on the sidelines, ogling people
in Facebook groups, envious while others make their dreams reality, 

to getting clients, making money, and actually feeling confident to call yourself a business owner.


As Seen In:





This course will require you to do the 'down and dirty' work that is necessary to nail your niche. It isn't all about worksheets and hand waving but rather real reflection, dialogue and iteration around what you are uniquely positioned to do and how you can solve problems for others. This course provided the tactical focus that I desperately needed. I've developed a program package that I feel fantastic about and that I believe will really meet the needs of my clients!

LaTondra Murray, Productivity Coach & Speaker

I can see the light at the end of the tunnel and I’m excited now!

Take the course. It will change your life and your business. I was extremely hesitant because of the financial commitment, but now the money seems like a drop in the bucket! This course was more than I thought it would be – I didn’t count on feeling so jazzed up and excited all month. The course receives you warmly, but challenges you and kicks your ass forward the whole time. You can’t help but be caught up in the energy and the opportunity. It’s been like a month long dance off and I won the prize of clarity!

Heather Nelson, Horse Trainer

Becca is like the super hero of small business.

Becca is your women if you need to get clear and get a plan. She covers all the basis in a concise, easy to follow way that leaves you with an action plan! I do think her “get clear” thing is what she does best. I listened to the women in the group and honestly, was like “WHAT THE? You have NO idea what you are doing??” but then at the end of the month, a lot of them really did! Becca is like the super hero of small businesses.

Jane Halton, Christian Life Coach

I wish I took this program sooner!

OMG I loved it! I I took UYB EARLIER rather than waste my time and money on other programs (B-School included EEEK!) that were a bit too far ahead for a newbie like me. I 100% recommend UYB to anyone thinking about starting a new biz....start here first! Cannot express how much of a difference this program style and the module set-up made. I actually felt like I was making progress, which felt AMAZEBALLS! I am actually excited to tell people what I do with more squirming in my seat every time someone asks me what I do. Each module was easy to digest and basic, not an overcomplicated hurdle. Becca's teaching style is TOTALLY my jam!

Ashley De Filippis, Beauty Brand Expert


Crafting your



In the first week we’ll dig right into your message and help you articulate what your business actually does, what it stands for, and what makes it different than anything else out there.

  • Nail down your true expertise (and stop feeling like you have to do it all)

  • Find your unique point of view, so that your business stands out (without trying so hard to stand out)

  • Be able to truly tell people what makes you different, and never feel like you are competing with anyone else again (because, nobody is you but you, so it’s time to leverage the shit out of that)

  • Craft blog and interview content using your message that will get people’s attention and open doors for all kinds of media opportunities like guest posts and podcasts

The messaging module was the most valuable part of the program for me! I was a generalist before so this really helped me get specific on who I wanted to work with and on what issues. I made my money back with clients I got during the program because of this!

-- Megan Caper, Medical Intuitive


Nailing your



Next we’ll identify who your clients actually are and learn exactly what they are struggling with by doing strategic market research (not as scary as it sounds, don't worry!)

  • Finally get over the whole “niche” thing and understand your client base in a way you never have before (once this clicks, you’ll want to marry me)
  • Identify the exact problems your clients have and learn to talk in terms of the RESULTS you can offer them -- so that everything you offer becomes a match made in heaven

  • Learn how to pinpoint who your ideal client is (no avatars!), so you only work with people who are a great fit (no more deadbeat clients or working with “everyone”)

  • Use proven market research strategies so you NEVER EVER again have to guess at what people want -- you will have a goldmine of language, ideas, and content to pull from.
  • Learn how to analyze your market research results (no more left wondering WTF you're supposed to do once you interview people!), and build a system for continuously using research to make decisions about what to create, at every step of your business
  • Use your new data so you know exactly what to create for your packages, freebies, blog post content, and more! NEVER have to guess again at what to write about or what to offer

The Market Research module was undoubtedly the most valuable part of UYB! Before this program, I'd heard I needed to be testing, and doing market research, etc., but UYB made it concrete and clear. All the templates were also SO valuable!
-- Graeson Harris-Young, WholeBodied Coaching


Creating Something



No more generic offers. This week we dig into packaging—creating the right services for the right people, huzzah!

  • Use your market research to determine the perfect packages for  your clients (and for you)

  • Map out your "scope of work" so that you can stop feeling overwhelmed at having to know everything your clients ask, and instead focus in on YOUR exact area of expertise only
  • Whip up packages that sell easily (gasp!) and that you feel absolutely confident in offering 

  • Price compassionately & profitably (yes, both)

  • Write your sales page for your new package(s)

  • Understand where and how to land your first clients (and how to continue the trend from there) - many UYBers fill all their client spots while IN the program!

  • Learn how to do consults calls that convert—no more wavering or waffling when you’re chatting with potential clients

Because of UYB, I put together my first package (and was clear enough with who it was for!) that I quickly got a handful of beta testers in the first few hours of posting! Before UYB, I only had one paying client ($5 per session if you can calling that paying haha). I didn't really have a clue about what I was doing in terms of business, how to get started, etc. My business wasn't happening at all. Now, I feel clear about my way forward and can speak with confidence about who I help and how I help them!

-- Allison Colin-Thorne, Career Coach


Telling the



Now that you have a solid message, a clear niche, killer packages, and a solid sense that you are ready to get out there and slay -- it's time to learn how to put this all into clear, marketable language, and learn how to start telling the world!

  • Create an About Page for your website that communicates how you can help and why you’re the best person for the job

  • Watch LIVE copywriting reviews and see inside the brain of an expert writer
  • Get copywriting tips on a live call with our resident expert copywriter and learn the key do's and don'ts for writing your website content
  • Create your "pitch" so you can introduce yourself at networking events and other people and feel good about it (instead of awkward), finally (!!)

  • Use my favorite technique for getting the word out there FAST and making sure people know what you do (this usually brings in clients pretty quick!)
  • Have everything you need to start telling the world about who you are and how you can help people!

My goal was to find two paying clients in May, and I just got my third yesterday (someone I had no previous relationship with!)

Sincerely -- I cannot thank you all enough for the support and guidance I received in UYB. There's no way I would have an active business without it, I was ready to give up right before I made the decision to sign up for the course. THANK YOU! THANK YOU!

-- Avraham Maistri, Life Coach





All the stuff you will need to make sure you keep moving forward after the program ends!

  • In depth 3-month strategy for how to get your next 10 clients - exactly what you need to do each day, week, and month! ($497 value)
  • How to create a content strategy so you have endless blog post ideas + opt-in ideas ($197 value)

  • Copywriting templates for your About page, Sales page, Home page, and Services page ($697 value)

  • Bio template so you can write your bio with confidence get your name out there like a pro ($97 value)
  • Pitch template so you can pitch yourself for media opportunities (Becca's exact pitch template included!) ($197 value)

  • Website building checklist to make sure your website converts  ($97 value)

  • Testimonials Template so you have the social proof to back you up - testimonials basically sell your services for you!  ($97 value)

  • How to do consults that sell with Kendrick Shope ($197)

This course is incredible value! You boil complex ideas down into really manageable pieces - and the process unfolds in a really amazing way. The templates are fantastic. Something that I can use again and again as my business morphs. I have a concrete plan for the next few months and now I can prioritize my time! 

-- Jessica Rubie, Leadership Coach


With UYB you'll get clear,

get confident,

and get clients!

Untitled design (4)

This course was so much more than I ever expected

When I first heard about UYB I rolled my eyes and said to myself "Oh, no! Not another marketing course! I'm not going to get suckered into that!" I was very skeptical whether I would really learn anything I hadn't heard already elsewhere, (stuff that had never really helped very much in the end). I was in the process of revising my homepage and struggling with my messaging and copywriting, and I thought "Well, the course is cheaper than hiring a copywriter and web designer to do this, so maybe it's worth a try. At the very least, I may come out with some useful copy."  

Wow, was I in for a surprise! UYB turned out give me more than I ever expected. During the course I had several game-changing epiphanies about my work as coach, who I want to work with and what I can do for them. This course has really helped me to get clear and focused, and I’ve come out with much more than just useful copy for my homepage. I feel really confident now to go out and create clients in my niche and to take the necessary next steps in building the business.


Robert Knight, Life Coach




UYB was so well thought out and only included what I needed. I love that there's no extra fluff and yet it still gives me exactly what I need to create a kickass 'me' business without feeling overwhelmed. I found a new business name, got my first client, and I actually feel confident about interacting and talking about my business now. The stuff you teach works regardless of the latest marketing fad. UYB is timeless and the little black dress for my business!

Harjit Naghra, Pilates Instructor

UYB is the holy grail of courses.

You’re amazing and in a matter of days, I made back what I spent on the course.  Even though things were being done in a group, you were super attentive and gave us so much help! Despite the other courses and trainings, I’ve had, it FINALLY makes sense. This month I learned how to incorporate it all together and just do it my way. I finally went PRO.

Kimber Lee, Systems Specialist

This course is everything you need.

The combination of elements in this course makes it completely different!  I GET it now!

Before UYB, I had invested so much time researching how to effectively start my business, but the sheer volume of resources I accumulated became overwhelming in itself! UYB gets rid of all the excess that we "think" we need (and was keeping me from getting started!) and guided me through a practical, step-by-step process that covers everything I need. It showed me how complicated I was making the process!

UYB is not formal and stuffy.  It's how the world really works! You get the necessary business-building steps, with TONS OF SUPPORT and feedback!

Straight-forward, authentic, no shit attitude.  It’s everything you need.

Julis Vlassis-Cooke, life coach for expats

here's what's included when you join uncage your business:


Weekly Lessons

Simple, actionable video lessons (with transcripts!) —delivered week-by-week— so that you can follow along without the overwhelm (you already have enough of that!). Lessons are structured so that you get out there practicing what we preach each week. Everything you create will be put to use directly in your business as you go— we're not into “nice ideas” with zero action. Instead, it’s all straightforward content that you will be implementing as we go.



We dish out “Imperfect action” homework each week—because if you wait til everything is perfect, you will get exactly nowhere (and fast!). Our goal is to push you into action right away, and build on what you learn so that your confidence builds along with your business savvy and strategy. Your homework will have you implementing right away so that by the end of the program you have done more work on your business than you have in the past 6 months! Praise hands emoji.


Individual Attention

Oh hey, teacher’s pet. That's right --  you'll get our eyes and brain on your business—both on our weekly group calls and in the Facebook group. We answer every single question in our group so you an get your work reviewed and get direct As to your Qs.

We also have our weekly calls where we stay on 'til everyone gets their questions answered -- no one left behind! MANY students have said that they got so much help just in the group that they didn't even need the calls (but they are there for ya if you do!)


LIVE Q&A/coaching CALLS

In our weekly group Q&A calls with me and Erin, you’ll get full access to me to ask any questions about the week’s module, iron out any niggling bits (lol, niggling bits) of confusion, and make sure you’re right on track. Calls are at 2pm and 8pm (EST) on Thursdays (you choose which time works best for you).



Naturally, there’s a Private Facebook group JUST for you. Y’all know that I take care of my peeps in my Facebook group, and I will be stepping back from my other groups to focus on YOU and your business. Previous groups have formed lifelong friendships, killer masterminds, and have said that they’d join the course JUST for the group alone. Yep, the action in there is THAT good. This is the place to be this month, don’t miss out.



Our very own Uncaged copywriter hops into our group and review two About pages, LIVE (you'll write yours based on the template we give you, and submit it for the chance to be reviewed). This is an amazing experience to see how the brain of a copywriter works, and you'll be able to use her wisdom and suggestions to make changes to your own writing. This follows with a Q&A so you can pick her brain all about copywriting best practices!

Ditto with website reviews -- I choose several websites to review on video and share in the group so you can get a REALLY good idea of what you need (and what you can scrap) on your website (this + the website checklist you get = website dreams come true!)


Bonus Implementation Week

Based on alumni feedback (should we make sweatshirts?), I've added a week off in the middle of the course. Past students have said they were SO excited to be actually working on their business that they wished they had more time to work with me by their side….so voila! During implementation week there won't be any new content, and you'll have the week to catch up and finish your homework, ask additional questions, or even give yourself a mini-break (you deserve it!) before we jump back in. I'll be right there with you, answering your Qs, reviewing your work, and handing out high fives!



You'll have access to the course materials  for as long as the course exists, and you'll also get free access to any updates to the content that I make along the way! Many students say they go through the material again and again whenever they create a new offering of want to pivot in their business -- it's the gift that keeps on giving!

What Our Previous Graduates have to say


Ok, ok, but seriously, how much is it?


check out more amazing client stories from Uncage Your Business 

It's one of the best investments you can make for yourself and your business

If you're on the fence about it, I'm here to tell you that it's one of the best investments you can make for yourself and your business. It's not about business tactics, I've taken plenty of courses on those. THIS course goes so much deeper than that - it helps you cut out all of the noise and understand your passion & purpose on a deep level. Running a business is hard and if you don't have a big message that you're working from, it's really difficult to move forward in a meaningful way.

During the course, I got 3 test clients, and I even got a new website up - something that would have been hard for me to do this quickly without UYB, because I tend to be a perfectionist.

The group phone calls were fantastic. Initially I was worried, because there were so many coaches, and I wasn't sure that I would be able to relate to them, being that I'm a designer. But listening to everyone's questions was really valuable because there was a lot of overlap in our businesses, no matter what the field.

You have a way of getting to heart of the matter very quickly - you cut through the distractions and get to the point. Like a tv mom in a 90's-style sitcom, you're tough, but fair!

Laura Knopp, Website Designer

I wouldn't change a thing about this program

I felt stuck in my business, was unhappy about where I was and completely running out of energy. I felt drained and out of ideas and was losing faith in being able to make my freelance business work for me. During Uncage Your Business, I got clarity on my message, clarity on my ideal client, and ideas for packages and services I can offer and how they tie in with my message, a connection I was completely oblivious to before. I got way more than I expected. I love your ability to cut through the bullshit and really create actionable steps for your clients to move themselves forward. The fact that you let your clients be the people they are without trying to force anything on them that doesn’t work for them or making them feel inadequate in any way, to help them see that they have value to give to this world and can make it work in a way that is in line with who they are and how they like to work and that it’s totally okay to do that. The whole month far exceeded my expectations!

Ffion Evans, Website and Graphic Designer

The one-on-one attention and the group dynamics are awesome

Before UYB I already had some clients and was already making some moolah, but I was totally feeling trapped and stagnant. Not anymore! I have so many ideas and so much more confidence and I just wish I had the time to implement them all at once! Becca is an absolute rockstar! She totally inspired me, kicked my ass and made me feel like a bit of a rockstar too. I would absolutely jump/cannonball/whatever at the chance to work with her again in the future! Oh and all that scary stuffy business crap, Becca makes it totally accessible and fun. She’s completely honest and real and tells it like it is.

I was worried that listening to other people on the calls would be boring, but it was super helpful! The group dynamics are awesome. I feel like (and hope that), I’ll be masterminding with these chicks for years to come.

Kelsey Abbott, Life/Confidence Coach

This is the course to end all other courses!

I doubted myself big time before Uncage Your Business. I questioned everything and every decision. I didn’t have any offerings that I was excited about and I wasn’t exactly excited to tell people about what I can do for them… or about my biz in general. Woooow this sounds like such a bummer. But now I’m feeling much more confident about what I do and what I CAN do in the future. I FINALLY decided to hand off the to-dos that were more of distractions (and not so fun, and I’m going to put an end to my website shame when I launch in mid- Feb! YAY! I have 2 new offerings now that I’m excited about – one of which I’m beta testing in January! WOW.

Your approach is so real, so refreshing, and you give us the tools to be able to FINALLY get moving in our biz. No more hiding, or stalling, or procrastinating— you’ve sparked something in me where there’s no going back & only moving forward. This is the course to end all other courses! If I lived in Canada you may just have a stalker on your hands. You are the sh*t, thank you for inspiring me to believe in myself and my biz.

Rebecca Santilli, Designer and Health Coach

I was afraid I was throwing away money, but two weeks in and I would've paid more for this!

I’ve been full of ideas and plans, and participating in courses in trainings for far too long, so I joined the program to get support and guidance and to actually DO something. We’re only two weeks in, and I’m actually coaching now! There is such a confidence boost that takes place during the course! Before I signed up I wondered if I was throwing away money, but now as we near the end I look back and think I would’ve paid way more for this.I love The 24/7ness of it– people are always around in the private group and the calls with Becca are great. I received WAY MORE help than I anticipated! Becca is to the point and she easily looks through your BS to get you on track and doing what you are meant to do. Unlike other coaches, she doesn’t coddle you and make everything warm and fuzzy – she kicks your ass in gear and you can’t help but love her.

Erin Lindstrom, Copywriter

I went full time with my business after UYB!

I came into UYB with one business idea that was vague and kind of like what everyone else was doing that never felt like "YES!" and left with a different business that I am super charged about. I am so crazy clear on who I want to help, how I help them, and (almost more importantly) HOW I want to help them vs how I thought I should help them.

I really wish I had met Becca before doing any other course (especially some of the big names ones out there) because I wouldn't have floundered and felt like I wasn't making any headway for so long. When I have moments of doubt and think "Who am I to have an online business and do this?" I just touch base with everything I have learned from UYB and I get centred again. I LOVE that after working through UYB, all other courses I have signed up for in the past have become 100% more useful because now I can actually implement them with a clear FOCUS. WIN!

ALSO (another win!) - I left mat-leave and went full-time in my business this year, and I am on track to hit just under 6figures - which is incredible. I also applied for government funding, and had to be EXTREMELY specific in my application about what my business did, who my target market was, and what exactly I DO for people, and why it matters so much. Thanks to UYB, I was able to do this and got the funding!!

Jenn Green


I knew something had to happen with my business moving into the new year. I had a lot of ideas, concepts, desires, but it was all in my brain, and absolutely no action. I was feeling like a bum, and I knew that Becca is all about action. I needed action! UYB fast-forwarded the business discovery process that probably would have taken months (or more) to do on my own. Ok, let’s be honest, I wouldn’t have done anything on my own. I updated my website geared toward my ideal client (which I discovered through UYB), and put a game-plan in place to stop talking about my business and actually start running it. I also got connected to a great resource of ladies that are on the same journey as me in different places to help hold me accountable! Real-time accountability does wonders for motivation. Becca is amazing human being and my business model superhero.

 Audrey Holst, Yoga Teacher & Life Coach


Before UYB I was confused on how to transition from a product based biz to a service based biz. In UYB I was able to test my ideas and niche in on the one that I was most excited about, and was able to book 3 clients at my full prices! This program was much more than I expected!

It was more than I expected. I expected here's the course your own your own! It wasn't that way at all!!! I would say even if you don't enjoy Group coaching like myself, this course almost feels one on one bc you can really dig into the modules and then post in the FB group for feedback. I honestly never attended a coaching call but honestly I received so much value out of this because the questions you make us answer helped me focus in SO much!

Uncage Your Business is a course I keep going back to over and over again!

Aubrey Mathis, Life Coach

I loved the way you sweetly kick our a%$ to keep going and get things done

For me UYB has been about transformation. It provided me plenty of opportunities to THINK about the kind of business I want to have. Take this course if you’re unclear about your message and feel like you can’t move ahead. I’ve taken B-School, which is an amazing program, but I was stuck. The whole month of UYB is about reviewing concepts that might not be as clear as they should in your business, and building things up from that point. I often felt they were specifically talking to me, as if they knew what was going on in my mind or what I needed to do in my business. My biggest win has been that I can explain now what I do and why I do it without getting off track. Thank you for such amazing support Becca!

Elisa Plaza, Spanish Teacher

Becca's current marketing of this course doesn't even do it justice!

UYB Rocks Ass! It was the most intense month I have ever spent on really getting clear about what the hell my business is about. Sure, before the program I thought I knew what my business was about. But I didn't have the success I wanted so something had to be off, right? This program isn't what you think it will be. Becca's current marketing doesn't even do it justice. You won't get out of it what you think you will. And at the end of it, you are left with WAY MORE than you ever could have imagined would happen in a month. I am walking away with crystal clear clarity and confidence that I have never had before. I believe in the long term it probably will save me thousands of dollars that I would have invested in other business building courses. Now I can invest my money in my business on things that really matter! Thank you SO MUCH Becca!

Pamela Catey, Money Coach


Before working with you I was stagnant in indecision. Lost in my own head to the point I was paralyzed in my business. I knew that my message was wrong, but, as hard as I tried by working it through myself, I could not figure out how I should position myself so that I actually loved my business.

Now, I love my business. I feel absolutely clear as to where I stand, what opinions I have, and my beliefs as to how best help clients achieve their goals. Talking about what I do has become so much easier because I'm actually passionate about what I say. I feel like I'm on the move again, but this time in the right direction.

Uncage Your Business was more than I imagined. When I started, I really didn't think that I would get as far as I have! I had been searching for help for a couple of weeks before I found you. Why I chose your program is that it was exactly what I was looking for: targeting in on the exact messaging that will drive my business, and forming packages around that messaging. I also like that you work with specifically online businesses (or those trying to move to online!) so that I knew you had all the knowledge to help move my biz forward. Everything you do is above and beyond – thank you!

Amber Dewey-Schultz, Social Media Strategist


UYB gave me the confidence to know that I DO have good ideas and that I CAN implement them. It really helped me nail down who I want to work with. I went from wanting to "work with people on their confidence" to wanting to "work with online business owners whose doubt gets in the way of them taking action." I scheduled two practice clients during my last week of UYB and finally got my website started! UYB is amazing for anyone with a business idea. I have absolutely no experience in business, I work a full time 9-5 on a budget, and still kicked ass in this course!

Kate St. Hilaire, Business Coach


Before starting UYB I was struggling with knowing where to put my energy. I felt so overwhelmed with everything I needed to do.

During the month, YES, I booked more clients. YES, I realized how to better build my website (even as a DIY beginner) and YES, I finally started doing things. But most importantly, I gained the focus and perspective shift that I needed. Becca called me out on my own bullshit and I remembered: I need to focus more on the clients and less on all my own inner chaos (read: unrealistic goals)

With UYB, you’re buying guidance and tools to build your best business, AND you’re also getting a community of women who are in the same boat as you. The private Facebook group support is invaluable. The best part of this program is that it is individualized and can help you no matter where you are in your biz journey. I received SO much, from individual support to group support to TONS of resources, shortcuts, tips, tricks and sage advice. Becca really gives her clients EVERYTHING, and I will be using the information and ideas from this course for years to come!

Jamie Jensen, Copywriter & Screenwriter


For the first time - maybe ever - I am really owning an area of expertise that I had been hiding under all sorts of bushels. I cannot tell you what a relief this has been! I definitely felt that I made the right choice when it came to hiring Becca for UYB... so much so that I hired her again the very next month. And if she offered 1-on-1 packages, I'd hire her for that, too. If you've already taken other courses, UYB is perfect! I've taken every other course known to man (okay maybe that's a slight exaggeration), and Becca is able to take that information and distill it to actual action steps that we can DO to make real strides in our businesses.

 Jana Kellam, Relationship coach


I thought I had direction before UYB but now I know exactly what to do down to the smallest detail. I know what every page on my website needs to say and how it will convert readers to buyers. I know exactly what my clients need, what I do for them and how I do it. I'm ready to start building my packages because now I know what to say, how to say it, how to create it and how to sell it. I could get a degree in e-commerce and an MBA and I don't think I'd learn any of this content. Taking UYB was like finding an epic life hack. In just 5 weeks, my business has gone from frustrating to realistic. My favorite part of UYB was that I actually got to talk with Becca. Every week there was something that I got stuck on and in like three minutes on the phone she would help me fix it. Other students would get on the calls and their problems seemed too large to move past. But Becca would start talking and have it all solved in literally minutes. Girl, you blew my mind. The online entrepreneur whisperer. It's one thing to understand this content and it's a whole other experience to have you coach us through it. There are very few people who's opinion about my work I value as much as yours.

Abby Oliver,


Before UYB I felt so overwhelmed with all of the material out there. Marketing, websites, clients, social media, newsletters, guest blogging – I needed to stop learning about each and every thing (because that could last years) and START DOING. I was caught up in the comparisons of what other people were doing. I was OVERWHELMED and STUCK.

After the month, my biz porn addiction is gone! I launched my website (in all its imperfect glory), submitted two guest blogs posts, and got excellent feedback from the group on the programs I’m developing.

Rebecca has a gift that helps people zone in on what needs to get done, and gives them the permission they need to break the rules. I got more done in this month than I had in the last 6 months.

 Makenzie Chilton, Career Coach & Therapist

The month was chock full of a-ha moments

Before signing up to another online business course or beating yourself up for not doing every single step in a course – ask yourself if you know exactly what it is you do (or want to do), who for and most importantly – why. If any of your answers are remotely vague or generic, get yourself into Uncage Your Business. Your future self and your future clients will thank you for it. I especially love that Becca represents and encourages lots of action without fluff. She can brilliantly guide you through the maze of thoughts in your head to help make everything clearer… and finally being clear feels great. The month was chock full of a-ha moments. The biggest impact is yet to come and I’m so excited for the opportunities that are opening up and the difference I am making in people’s life – Uncage Your Business is like a gift that keeps on giving.

Kristy Moore, Social Impact Consultant


Until UYB my business wasn’t tangible or real or legit in any way…at all. I was SO unclear, somewhat doubtful, a lot scared, and seriously intimidated. I very clearly needed to be ‘uncaged’.

And during our month, I finally ‘got it’! I learned what my business is! I even changed my business name and approach mid-way through UYB. I made plans to set-up my website, I designed 4 (yes 4!) packages and program offerings. I got clear. I got confident. And I got ready to succeed. My favorite part was the community – I felt honored and accountable and made friends across the world.

Becca uncaged the word business and made it a ‘project’ I could create, sustain, love, be passionate about, and seriously have FUN doing. Boom! Thank you, Becca!!

 Chanelle Crosby, Fitness Trainer


Before joining UYB April I was feeling disconnected – from my business, my goals, and from a community. I was struggling alone.

My favourite part of UYB is that it provided PERSPECTIVE. Hearing Becca’s encouragement and clear, easy-to-implement advice amidst a GROUP of people who were all relating to each other’s challenges made me feel less alone, less crazy, and less like I was failing.

One of my biggest A-HA’s was around my pricing model. With two simple exercises from UYB, I realized that my pricing was totally backwards – AND I felt an instant burst of inspiration to DOUBLE my current prices. In under 20 minutes I suddenly had CLARITY about why I was resisting my biz plan!

The quiet gem of this course is the community that forms around it. Becca is a great facilitator because she brings value through guidance but also allows the group to connect and help each other. I was originally skeptical of how useful the group dynamic would be, but it ended up being central to the value of the course.

Asia Nelson, Yoga Teacher Trainer


Before UYB, I was S.T.U.C.K.! It was the combination of too many ideas, perfectionistic tendencies and a whole lot of fear. And, I found myself in paralysis, not even wanting to post to FB or write my newsletter. I've refined my message, narrowed my focus and am back to creating and moving forward again. Halleluiah! Feels so good to have direction and purpose again. I really expected it to be somewhat similar to other programs I've done which end up being way too much information. UYB was not similar in any way, shape or form to these other programs. There was no fluff. I've done B-School and other programs and never got as clear on what feels best for me. Highly recommend to anyone needing that push to start or get going again!

Michelle Alcon, Health Coach


So good! You are one-of -a kind. You have a way with people that makes everyone feel great, special and smart. You encourage but you also hold us accountable. You’re just born for this. You are especially good at creating something tangible out of a whole bunch of ideas & you have a way of helping people get up on their feet! If you’re reading this and are on the fence, do it!! You’ve got nothing to lose with this course, only to WIN! It is practical & out of the box, and will change your life!

Crista Ann Braun, Life Coach

I could tell after week one I had already gotten the value I came for

Before the program my to-do list was pretty planned out, but something was keeping me from taking the steps I knew I had to take – I was STUCK.

And now, I am now doing exactly what I said I would do – I wrote new sales page copy, decided on pricing, took on a new business opportunity that felt RIGHT, and have given up being amateur. The program was way more than I expected. What I received – confidence (like real, I can touch it confidence), clarity (like no more swimming in circles in my head or doubting myself), results (taking action where I previously wasn’t.). I could tell after week one I had already gotten the value I came for. If you’ve gone through other courses and you’re not seeing RESULTS, I would definitely give UYB a solid shake.

Victoria Montemayor, Operations Manager


Before UYB I rarely felt good when I explained to people what I did - I always felt like they didn't really get it. I also felt nervous every time I need a sample session or consult with a potential client, because when we got to the part about how we could work together, my description of my services would be so vague and I had a hard time helping them to understand how I could help them. Now, after UYB, I had someone from my email list contact me out of the blue because she wants to book my new program for $495! My language was suddenly speaking to her because I got so much clearer!

Gabriella Feingold, Self-Care coach for caregivers


I didn't really have a clue about what I was doing in terms of business or how to get started but Rebecca's no-nonsense approach to online business keeps you focused and motivated. I can now Speak with confidence about what I do, I've put together my first ever coaching package and scored beta testers within the first few hours of posting (previously when i have posted for clients it was crickets), and I have clear and concise content for a website. I finally feel like this business thing is doable!

Allison Colin-Thorne, Coach
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Here’s a big, fat truth for you: figuring out your business is not intellectual.
It’s experiential.

You don’t need another course that keeps you in the thinking and dreaming phase.

You also don't need another in-depth training about funnels or webinars or FB ads or anything else that is WAY too complicated for you at this point.

What you need? Someone to force you to focus in, to get clear on the bits of your business that are still fuzzy, and to teach you how to actually convey what you do to the people that matter—so that you can move forward with confidence putting your business out there to the world.

I want this for you. Badly.

I want you to experience that “holy shit’ moment(s) where you crack your own damn code,

I want you to surprise yourself with how much progress you can make once you’re focused on the right/real things,

I want you to know the thrill of LIVING your business, and never looking back.

Because I know what it's like and I know what it takes and I know that you can get there.

So join me. And some other brave little hustlers. As we do what you’ve only been talking about for the last 5 years.

Let’s get ‘er done.

All the love + success you can drink,

xx becca


Who Am I?

I’m Rebecca Tracey and I help new business owners take focused action on the things that actually make a difference in helping you get clients (but usually I'm doing it in yoga pants (or no pants) at home, instead of looking all fancy like this photo). I created Uncage Your Business to help you quit the overwhelm, analysis paralysis, and false starts and start doing the little things that lead to big results (sans hype, or fluff, or distractions).

When I mapped out this program, I realized how much I wanted it to be rooted in you taking action, week by week, on what I teach, so that you are building upon your skills from day 1 (and seeing the results as we go).

No overthinking. No perfectionism. Just one foot in front of the other on the stuff that actually matters.

But you don't get just me when you join Uncage Your Business!

Meet my co-coach Erin Foley! Erin is an AMAZING mindset and clarity coach who coaches alongside with me in UYB to make sure that you get the absolute BEST coaching out there! I brought Erin onto the team to help get you out of alllll the mindset stuff that tends to hold new business owners back. Say good-bye to perfectionism, procrastination, and imposter syndrome!

Erin coaches LIVE with me on all our calls, and she offers additional mindset support in the private Facebook group!

Erin is my secret weapon in my business and I am excited for her to be yours too!

Screen Shot 2019-09-26 at 9.42.24 AM

UYB is Magic!

UYB was better than I expected. It was short, sweet, concise and simple yet deep and profound. The community was super supportive and Becca's help was always right there.
You create an environment where people who want to show up 100% as themselves in their business are welcomed, cheered, encouraged and celebrated. You're bullshit free, spirited and see right to the heart of the issue each time. UYB is the shit. I can't imagine being able to get anywhere in business with as much clarity and focus doing any thing else as quickly and as comprehensively as UYB does.

Nancy Guerrera, Spiritual Trainer and Mentor

This program shook me out of a frozen state I had been in for years

Before UYB, I was unclear about what I wanted to do, because I had spent years denying it. So I was all clogged up and BLOCKED. It was so painful. I feel like UYB was almost a rebirth for me. It got me absolutely clear on who I want to work with and what I want to offer. It shook me out of this frozen state I had been in for years.

I invested over 6k in 2 programs in 2017 from another coach that left me overwhelmed with no real tangible actions or any real support. Looking back on it, it sucked. With UYB, I found each week chock full of so much. Every week felt like a further a-ha moment. It was totally worth my investment!

Since UYB, I have doubled my prices for my services, and am about to increase them again! I just signed a new client for my larger package, and am pitching a 5k package to a potential client on Friday. I've also gotten super confident about sales, so there's that too. I have no problem pitching and selling to people.

Uncage Your Business gave me the confidence to start over and get clear. It allowed me to truly build a foundation to jump off from.

Meighan O’Toole, Business Strategist

I made all my money back within the course!

My biggest struggle with my business was that I didn't know how to put everything together into a while. I was doing too many things at once and I was all over the place. Because of UYB everything I was doing finally came together into a coherent business, and I made all my money back by the end of the course with the new service I created! And I continue to sell out weeks i advance. Thank you!

Joanna Hennon, Life Coach

I've done many other courses but this was the only one I needed!

When I joined, I was a brand new coach and feeling really fuzzy (which sucked!). UYB totally helped my get super clear about who I'm serving, and how and why. It helped me see the gifts I have that were right in front on my face. Now I feel confident about writing copy and putting my website out there. I know that I have something of value to offer my clients, and that this will make my business successful. I have an easy pitch that I can use in conversations to create connections with potential clients.

Jasmine Patten, Self Care Coach


I’ll guide you step-by-step through a process to uncage the potential of your business and turn you into a confident entrepreneur. This will be the month you look back on and think

“Dude, that’s when everything changed”.


10 monthly payments of

$215 USD

pay in full *best deal*

$1797 USD

REMEMBER: The point of all this is to make MORE money in your business!  If you get even just one client from what you learn, you'll make your money back and then some (and most students make much, much more)

PLEASE NOTE: The next round of UYB will be Spring 2020 and the price is going up! Don't wait that long to get your business off the ground and making money!


Hey, shit happens. Sometimes we buy on FOMO, or life gets crazy. Or, you might just realize that the program isn't right for you for whatever reason. If, during the first week of the program, you decide it's simply not for you, you'll get your money back, no questions asked. All refund requests must be made by Friday October 11 at 11:59pm ET. After that there will be no refunds.


Here's how enrolling works:

STEP ONE: Choose your preferred payment option, and you'll be redirected to the secure checkout page. You can pay with credit card to make your payment, and Paypal is available if you pay in full.

checkout image

STEP TWO: After you checkout, head to your inbox and grab your course log-in info! You will be able to join our private Facebook group right away and meet your classmates, and you'll get access to your pre-work  so you can get started! We officially start October 7, and each new module is released weekly.


STEP THREE: CELEBRATE! You just made the best investment in your business EVER! Get ready to have a blast this month. Erin and I and your new biz BFFs are waiting to meet you in the private Facebook group! See you there!


Frequently Asked Questions



Take this course before wasting your money on others

Before I signed up for UYB, I was directionless or trying to go to too many directions which was not helpful.

The biggest impact to was having a solid plan for my coaching business after UYB. I saved at least 6 months - 1 year of trial and error and waffling about and going nowhere. I am now very clear about what I do, who I serve and ready to start coaching and then getting clients!

You have a knack to make things simple but the results are so important and phenomenal to business.

After taking UYB, I am very clear on what to focus on. I have a message, a niche, 3 packages, clear pitch and am confident on the direction of my coaching business. I have focus!

Kendra Lee, Life Coach


I was wary about committing money to UYB because, despite the rave reviews, I didn't really believe it could get me to where I wanted to be. But through taking part, and being part of a group, I saw the magic that Becca weaves with each individual, and understood why it was perfectly possible for her to work her magic on me. It's an amazing month of ups and downs, achievements and planning, and gearing up for the rest of your life as an uncaged business owner.

 Jo Shock, Virtual Assistant
Screen Shot 2019-03-19 at 10.32.24 AM

I'm ready to launch my programs because of UYB!

I thought the course was amazing for giving me a kick up the but to start getting things done. When I signed up for UYB, I knew what business I wanted to set up, and I had big dreams of where I wanted to go, but I had no idea HOW to actually get there, as in what steps to take today to start moving. Now I feel like I know the steps that I need to take to start building my business in the right way. UYB has given me sooo many tools and guides to do all of these things. I stopped procrastinating over a name, picked one, and have now built my whole website using the copy templates from UYB and am ready to launch the two programs I created and tested because of UYB!I have a clear plan of where to go next, and I built connections that I can rely on going forward

Sophie Bibbs, Digestive Health Coach


I was stalled for several years before this course! I had idea, but not clue how to put it all together. UYB has taught me everything I didn't know I needed to know. UYB has given me the foundation. I am clear on my niche. I am clear on who I am with this new business. This was life changing! I now have a goldmine of material that I know I will be applying over and over again!

Kyla Schmidt, Health Coach


Before UYB I was feeling very lost in terms of the business world. I had no clue where to start. UYB helped me figure out sales packages and rates that I am comfortable, helped me figure out my niche, and gave me confidence that I can do this!

Kaili Ets, Occupational Therapist

I got my first paying coaching client!

As someone just starting out with no clients and lots of ideas with no focus and no idea where to start, this course was perfect for me. I can now talk about my business to people with more confidence since I'm clear on who I'm serving and their problems. I started taking consistent action and go my first client!

Carri Mansfield

This programme got me out of my head and into DOING

Because of UYB, I FINALLY have a package figured out that I feel confident in, I can speak with confidence about what I do, and, a benefit I wasn't expecting - I actually feel absolutely solid in what I charge to my current clients... if anything I think I'm undercharging for the value I bring, whereas before I had a bit of 'imposter syndrome' and felt really awkward sending them invoices... to the point where they often had to chase me to pay me (I know, I know, totally ridiculous!). Time to raise those prices!

Jess Critchlow, Leadership Coach

Clarity, finally!

After UYB, I was able to refine who my ideal client is, how to get to them and find out what they need. I was also able to get clear on the process I could offer clients and develop a system around that. I now treat my business as more than just a hobby, even though I'm still working a regular f/t job. I see the potential it has, and UYB gave me the push to finally take action (get my site up, network, and generate ideas for packages (to be refined after I get client feedback).

Kelly Dawn, Tarot Reader & Energy Healer

Are you ready to Learn What It Actually Takes To Get Clients In Your Business?

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