The ONE Simple Step You Can Take To Get Started With Your Dream Life NOW

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There once was a time when I couldn’t even IMAGINE telling people what I wanted to create. It sounded silly to me.

“I want to create a website and a coaching business that helps people have cool, fun, adventurous lives”.

Oh god, I couldn’t even utter the words. Because it felt SO far away. And I had no idea how I was going to do it (and also no confidence that I would even be able to make it happen if I tried).


And that was EXACTLY my problem. I was SO stuck in the HOW, that I never really let myself get excited about the WHAT.


You know what it’s like… you get all excited about a big idea, but then when it comes to implement, it starts to feel overwhelming, and scary, and too big to take on. It’d be easier to just stay put and go on living as you are… your current life isn’t really that bad…

But we all know that’s bullshit. We all know that the longer you put it off, the harder and harder it will become, but the more and more you will want it.

No point in delaying the inevitable right?


The ONE thing you can be doing right now to get started with next big adventure is to start talking about it.


Make it real. Tell everyone you know. Get excited.

Talking about what you want does two things:

1. It actually makes it feel real, and all of a sudden you find yourself starting to get excited about it (duh), and also starting to plan it. Little details pop into mind. The HOW starts to unfold and reveal itself. The world starts to point you in the direction you want to go.

2. It holds you accountable. There’s nothing like telling all your Facebook friends about this big life-switch you’re making to hold you to it. People will want to support and congratulate you, and you’ll have everyone you know backing you up.

I know it feels hard and scary and SO far away. But I PROMISE you, when you start talking about what you want, just that one simple step makes it so much more real.

I challenge you to go out this week and tell 10 people about the big thing you want to do. And I’d love to hear in the comments below what comes up for you when you think about telling people about it. Fear? Excitement? Uncertainty? Spill it in the comments below.

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  1. I *love* it!  This is what arises within as I read—yes!!!  To visioning and sharing your dreams, because when you talk about it, doors open, and it becomes incredibly possible.  *If* you make sure you are speaking about it with people who will support, affirm, encourage, uplift, inspire.  My ultimate dream is to sail around the world with Facets as my platform.  That I lived on a sailboat with my children for five years and am now building Facets makes it very possible.  However, my life had been full of people who could not understand this dream, and their doubt could amplify any I was having.  Now that my life is full of people who live in unconventional ways and embrace online businesses that are location independent, whenever I share this dream, someone gives a suggestion that moves me toward living it and their reflections remind me of the reality of infinite possibility.  So, tell 10 people who “get it” and watch your world expand!

  2. I’ve been writing a book for about 5 years now.  It is 99% complete.  I’m so close.  I remember dreaming as a little girl of writing a book and being published some day.  I had my first article submitted to a magazine published this week and now my book is so near.  I started my alpaca  farm only 3 years ago.  It changed my life completely.  I love my alpaca life and my book shares my passion and experiences from cute stories to total heart aches.  I’m ready to move my business to the next level and get my farm and alpacas known.  For an introvert, not easy to open up to the world.  But going for it!  Your exercises have helped me address my fears and I’m saying so what to them. I’m doing it anyway!

  3. msrashidab

    I think what keeps me from sharing is that most people especially those in my family don’t get it.  In the last 10 years I’ve studied esthetics, makeup artistry, nail technology and every other advanced beauty and business course in between. So when I decided to study PR thinking possibly I wanted to be a beauty publicist they kind of understood that. However, now  that I’m studying coaching, and internet marketing and such they’re thinking I’m just being flighty and compulsive and maybe I just don’t know what it is I want to do. The thing is I’m VERY clear and everything that I’m studying are all vital pieces to the overall puzzle. 
    This new business fuels me, it keeps me awake at night and kicks me out of bed in the morning. So it’s really disheartening when I’m attempting to share those dreams and their eyes glaze over and they respond with “that’s nice”.  It makes not not want to bother. I retreat to my groups and chat with people who get it and with them I take they’ll get it I guess when they see it.

  4. dalerog

    msrashidab I SO understand you!  I live the exact same thing only for me, it’s food, wine, entertaining!  I so totally get where you are going and coming from.
    I can be one of your 10 that you share with!  And you can be mine, how’s that?
    Have a marvelous day…

  5. JaspreetKaur

    I want to travel the world. Experience living in different countries, places. Be a life coach. Be able to switch life(whatever that means) as and when I want to. :)