It's time for

Spring Cleaning

in your business

As a new-ish coach or solopreneur, there is SO MUCH TO DO to grow your business... it's overwhelming! And also, it often doesn't work.

This FREE week of Spring Cleaning features 5 experts who will help you ditch old, tired strategies that aren't getting you anywhere, and help you focus on exactly what you should be doing to make your business (and yourself) breathe easier this year.

Your Spring Cleaning Experts:


Suzy Ashworth - Mindset


  • The #1 mindset monster that will block your success
  • 3 ways to clear your mind clutter and get into action fast
  • The biggest reason many new business owners don't succeed

Jadah Sellner - Community/LIST Building

MAY 1, 12pm EST

  • The one thing you should focus on when building your community
  • Why numbers really don't matter
  • How to grow without paying a dime for advertising

Gemma Went - Social media

MAY 2, 12pm EST

  • The #1 strategy for social that works every time
  • The best strategies that are working right now for Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn

Emilia Farrace - Websites

MAY 3, 2pm EST

  • 3 pages you absolutely need on your site
  • 3 pages you can ditch right now
  • The biggest time wasters on your website (and how to avoid them)


MAY 4, 11am EST

  • The absolute best strategy for getting clients fast
  • 3 things most businesses waste time on that don't actually bring clients
  • The strategy that is proven to bring you 50% more sales

Don’t let another month go by wasting time on strategies that just overwhelm you and don't work!


I know what it’s like to hear so many experts tell you what you “should” be doing in your business. There is SO much noise out there that it can be overwhelming to know what  you actually need to DO.

This free training is different - we're focusing on specifically where you, the NEW business owner, are at, and arming you with only what you need to know (and nothing else!) to move forward in each area of your biz.


This training week is 100% fluff free and no BS (as usual here at Uncaged), and we're not selling anything... so breathe easy, and come let us detox your biz and help set you up with new SIMPLE strategies for success.

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Who am i?

I’m Rebecca Tracey of The Uncaged Life, where I help online entrepreneurs build businesses that they can run from anywhere with just their laptop. I love helping my clients learn what it actually takes to make a living working online and teaching them how to create a solid, sustainable business foundation. I started my business while living in a van (on a rock climbing road trip!) and love helping people build a business that lets them live their own version of their Uncaged lives. 


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