What is real life?

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I am off to Belize and Guatemala for the next 3 weeks to run two business retreats, and I have been thinking about what we always tell the retreat participants on the last day of the retreat.

You know the last days of a vacation, when everyone starts saying they have to go “back to reality” or “face real life again” when they get home?

We always make a point to tell the retreat participants to remember that this IS real life. They are there, with us in the jungle, working on business, planning the work they will do when they get home. It’s real. It’s ALL real.

And yes, when they get home they will have to maybe go back to their other job, or get back to taking care of their kids, or to their relationship that isn’t feeling so hot right now, or any other number of “real life” duties.


But the jungle? The work we are doing? And the laptop-based business? And the freedom that comes with bring your own boss? These are not just pipedreams.


This is my real life. And my retreat co-leaders real lives. And past retreat participants real lives. And my clients’ real lives.

It might take you a short amount of time or a long amount of time to get there. It might feel easy or it might feel hard. But it’s ALL possible. It’s within your reach. It is NOT just a dream reserved only for “those other people who have it all together”. It’s for you, if you want it to be.

One retreat participant left her two 18mo old TWINS at home to focus JUST on herself and her dream for the week with us in Belize. One took her only week vacation from her full time job to join us. Everyone made a sacrifice, and everyone made it happen. Because they are committed to changing what their real life looks like. Because they know it’s not just a dream.

And while it’s not always easy, it is always possible. And that’s what you need to remember. If this shit was easy, everyone and their mom would be an online business owner, working 4 hour work weeks while sipping mojitos and posting amazing pictures of their amazing lives on Instagram.

But it’s not easy. There are sacrifices. There are long days. I think I’ve spent a total of 60 hours/week at my desk for the past month (or more). I’ve started and ended relationships since my business started. I’ve moved houses (multiple times). I’ve been sick. I’ve been stressed. I’ve lost touch with some of the other things I love in my life (and then found them… and then lost them again). I’ve been an emotional wreck. I’ve questioned whether it was worth it. Whether I could do it. Whether I was worthy enough, or capable enough, or strong enough, or wanted it enough. And I’ve been the exact opposite – high on life, in love with my work, travelling the world, staying in at home watching Netflix on a Wednesday afternoon with no pants on JUST BECAUSE I CAN.

And all of this – it’s real life, whether you have a business or not. There are shitty times and there are great times. You feel on top of the world and then you are crying on the bathroom floor, unsure of your next move.

And the thing to realize if you want this life is that if this business is real life, it’s not immune to those bumps in the roads. The rest of your life affects your business. And vice versa. Your business is a part of your life and you will need to learn how to sustain it during the ups and downs.


It’s not easy, but it’s possible. It takes work, but it’s possible.


So remember. When it’s feeling like it’s never going to happen, or you’re not sure if it’s just some crazy dream, and no one else around you understands what you’re working towards, and it all feels really hard – it’s real life, and it’s possible, and you will get there, if you want it badly enough.

Here’s to uncaged folks everywhere working hard for their dreams – we’ve got each other’s backs,

xo becca

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  1. Hi Becca.

    Wow. I’ve just spent the last hour or so ( in my fuzzy cloud pj s ) reading your website. God is it refreshing to read real words from a real person who gets it and calls bullshit on the bullshit. So thank you for that! FO REAL.

    I spent the early part of my morning brainstorming ( and soulstorming) with my sweet fiance about a name for my life coaching business. Funny, I’ve had this business for two years and it still doesn’t have a name. I’ve been life coaching for 30 and it never had an ‘official’ title, so I at least took a course and got myself ligit and certified. Whatever that means. It was in that searching for names that aren’t already taken – process that I came across your site. I love reading what you’ve written and I love what you’re doing and how you’re doing it. AND I, unlike the thief who stole your work, I have NO intention of copying your craft and hard work. I WOULD, however, like to do what you’re doing and do it in a way that is me. Pretty recently, a client of mine whom I’d helped for years – who claimed that I was ‘her best friend’ took the work we were doing and turned it into a book. Word for word the information I gave her, she wrote as her own work and made a book and a website out of it. I was shocked. Mortified. sickened. wanted to punch her in the baby maker. AND, I wanted to support her for having the balls to do what I had not: Written the fucking book myself! So, that said, you can bet your ass I will not be stealing anything from you or anyone for that matter – it’s just not my style. I love words and know we all use the same ones to some degree, but I want to find my own and make my work my own. Here’s where I could use your help. If I’m not mistaken, you’re in Antigua right now. Atta girl! That is also something I want to do! So, goal is, to get lazer focused here, get my shit in a nice little package, and be in a position to join you for the next one. I don’t have a website yet because I can’t decide what to call my mother fucking business! I’ve actually thought of calling it just that, Mother Fucking Life Coaching, just because I’m so over seeing everyone and their grandma become one. I could use your help in getting clear with what I do, how I do it, and how to say it and how to sell it. That about sums it up. So, for now, I’m going to keep reading your words and invest in your program – even though I made a promise to myself after maxing out my credit cards on 3 different programs last year! YIKES! – because you made yours affordable. Free is good. and 100 bucks is good. I hope to connect with you sometime! You seem like a cook chick. ~ Best to you! Edie Allen

  2. Rebecca Tracey

    Edie!! Thank you so much for this awesome comment.

    You should 100% roll with MotherFuckingLifeCoaching. Done.

    Looking forward to working with you!! Uncage Your Business would be perfect for you — shoot us an email if you have any Qs at all! hello@theuncagedlife.com

    xoxo becca

  3. Congratulations Wes…so excited for you.and eager to read of what you’ll be doing.i just had a conversation with my brother today about the state of Friends, and mentioned you and some of the things that i had emailed you about. hopefully i will be pursuing these topics more. it’s good to know there are others doing it (and doing it better than i).