So DUH – sometimes when you’re in launch mode you can’t see the forest for the trees and you realize after the fact that you kinda left out some key information.
After each Uncage Your Business launch, I always send out an email asking people why they didn’t buy. This is SO helpful to me to understand whether my messaging for the course is coming across clearly, or whether anything was miscommunicated about what the course is or what’s included (and just to stay current with what the Uncaged folks want and need)

I HIGHLY recommend doing this, no matter how big your audience is. If you’re selling something, it’s always a good idea to ask why people didn’t buy to learn how you can better serve your people and to help you better communicate the value of your services. I just use a simple Google form to ask. Then you can easily address those misconceptions in an email (like this one!) or in your general marketing (sales page and emails, or during your launch) to make sure that your message is being heard loud and clear by the people who need you!

So anyway, I was scrolling through the answers (which typically include a lot about no time/ no money), and noticed that there were a few other common misconceptions that people had about the course, so I wanted to touch on those here since I clearly didn’t communicate well somewhere in my marketing!

Because of these misconceptions, I am opening the cart again for Uncage Your Business just for today for anyone who wants to jump in last minute. Click here to join.

Here are some of the reasons you might not have signed up:


This stood out to me on the feedback because UYB is specifically created for people who aren’t far along in their business!

Specifically people were worried that they didn’t have a website up yet, they didn’t know their niche yet, and they weren’t actually  BUSINESS yet, more like a hobby.

And in my mind I was screaming “But that’s exactly who this is for!”

We had a great launch and exceeded our goals, but I know that there are so many more people who need this that I could have helped, who are missing out because I didn’t communicate well enough!

So instead of feel sad that I missed the mark somehow, I decided to write this email and do something I haven’t done before – open the cart again.

I want to make sure that if you are one of the people who was interested in UYB but worried that you weren’t far enough along, or that you would be behind because you don’t have a niche yet, that you knew that you’d fit right in in the course. MOST of our participants are still narrowing down their niche, most don’t have a website yet, almost all are still working another job or have only been working on their business part time, and NONE have it all figured out yet.

UYB was made specifically to help you! If you WANT to figure it all out and get further along and start running a business instead of a hobby, join us – it’s not too late!

Click here to sign up.



I will admit that I talk a lot about life coaches, because they tend to have the hardest time nailing down the foundations that we work on in UYB. But the course is NOT just for them! It’s for ANY service-based business that you can run at home from your computer with no pants on!

Here are some examples of businesses that I have worked with and that we have in this round of UYB:

– health coaches
– career coaches
– writers
– artists
– energy healers
– marketing consultants
– business strategists
– naturopaths
– therapists
– web designers
– copywriters
– yoga teachers
– professional organizers

+ so many more cool and unique solopreneurs!

If you’re one of these and you know you need help, but you thought UYB was only for life coaches, you can still join us! It’s not too late! Get in here.



Sweet – because that’s not what UYB is! UYB is all about actionable marketing and business help – not mindset. In fact I’m pretty clear with my participants that I don’t want to get into all the feelings and fears and self doubt that comes up. My approach is to acknowledge that it’s there, and then operate as if it’s not – what would you do if this wasn’t in the way?

I teach marketing and how to get clients in UYB. I don’t do mindset coaching.

If you thought it was all woo, it’s not, and it’s not too late to join us! Hop in here.



I blame this one on mercury retrograde (and having a hosting company that dropped the ball during the crucial last day of the cart being open!). We had to do a mad dash to change hosting companies mid-launch, because our site wouldn’t even load. Nothing worse than doing a live webinar and having people jonesing to sign up, and having a site that won’t load. Ugh.

If you tried to sign up and the site was broken – we apologize! It is back to normal and you can get in here.


We started yesterday and the group is ROCKING so far. Everyone is astounded at how great the feedback has been already and newfound business messages are already starting to take shape for people who have struggled with it for YEARS (and we’re only on day 2).

I’ll be closing the cart back up again tonight at midnight EST so I can focus on the group,  so this is your last last chance to join.

Click here to register for Uncage Your Business tonight before midnight EST.

xo becca

PS. Even if you don’t join, I would HIGHLY encourage you to copy what I have done here – find out right away why people aren’t buying from you, and then address those concerns or objections or misconceptions in an email. Instead of just feeling sad for yourself that no one wants what you have, be proactive and be willing to listen and learn from the people who aren’t purchasing. It can go a long way into bettering your marketing and helping you do better in the future!