Beat imposter syndrome once and for all in your business!

Mindset is the #1 thing that makes the difference between businesses that succeed and those that fail.

Sure -- strategy, skill, and knowledge can help... but if your mindset is SHIT, you'll never make it through the ups and downs of your business and you won't even be around long enough to implement all that great strategy you're learning!

It's SUPER common for new business owners to feel scared, doubt themselves, and hold themselves back -- in fact, there is even a name for that nowadays --



AND it's very likely that you have it.


SOME SIGNS YOUR MINDSET IS SHIT AND you're suffering from imposter syndrome:

  • You doubt your decisions and are worried you're doing it "wrong"
  • You totally feel like a fraud and wonder when people will figure out that you have NO idea what you're doing
  • You compare yourself to EVERYONE else out there (and always come up short)
  • You wonder if you'll ever be "good enough" to do this thing
  • You have a serious fear of failure and/or criticism
  • You obsess over making sure everything is perfect before you take the next step (hello perfectionism!)
  • While other people tell you you did a great job, you always feel like you didn't do as well as you wanted and that you could have done better

Sound familiar?

PLEASE KNOW -- you are not doomed to fail! There is a way out of this. you just need to learn the mindset hacks that successful business owners know and use everyday.

But what exactly do we mean by "mindset"?

Let's be clear -- we are NOT talking about just "thinking positively", or repeating affirmations about how you are good enough.

This is about re-wiring how your brain works and teaching how to create a mindset that allows you to be brave and persistent enough to do what it takes to build a business.


Read that again ^^ 

This is what we want to teach you to do, and THIS is what will make the biggest difference in your business if you suffer from imposter syndrome, procrastination, fear of failure, perfectionism, or any of the other fancy words that stop you from making progress in your business.

It's about:

  • Understanding your own personal mindset issues that you might not even be aware of (everyone's are different, and they show up in sneaky ways)
  • Learning how those beliefs are keeping you stuck (even when you THINK it's just something else, like money, or time, or just needing to fine the exact right strategy or niche or message (hint: that's not your problem)
  • Learning how to re-wire those specifics beliefs so you can start taking action in leaps and bounds
  • Stopping the cycle of procrastination, self-doubt, and fear in sustainable, proven ways
  • Knowing when you're actually ready to do things in your business, instead of always just thinking you're not ready (there is a difference)


And it's about learning a proven system for implementing when mindset issues come up, to help the brain move past them faster.

Yep -- there is a "system" for this. And yep -- it works!



The reason most business owners don't succeed is that they (unfortunately) buy into the shit their minds are feeding them. They start to believe they aren't good enough. They procrastinate for way too long. And they let imposter syndrome win.


And when shit gets hard -- they bow out, telling themselves they just weren't meant to run a business in the first place. They never learn the skills needed to have a strong head game, so they can get through all those ups and downs. The sooner you learn this, the sooner the hangover time between all the lows decreases, and the more easily you can pull yourself back up and keep moving.

If YOU're believing everything your mind is telling you

all the time,

...you're bound to get stuck

Even successful business owners deal with mindset shit!

The difference is learning how to manage it, and how to work through it faster each and every time it comes up (which is often as you push to new levels in your business!). The mind chatter never stops -- everytime you raise your prices (eep - who am I to charge this much?), or create a new service (can I really deliver this?), or pitch to be on a podcast (why would they want to talk with little old me?), or decide you want to write a book (who would read it?) or speak (what if no one shows up), or pretty much do ANYTHING to grow your business.... mindshit happens.

It's up to you to add mindset skills to your arsenal of business tools. I'd argue that this is almost as important as learning actual strategy.

You can have the best strategy in the world -- but if you give in to imposter syndrome and let it beat you down, you'll never have a chance to implement all the strategy in the first place!



Screen Shot 2018-04-28 at 4.08.06 PM

"We" is me (Becca!) and Erin Foley - mindset coach who specializes in helping people beat imposter syndrome.

Erin was a student in my Uncage Your Business program, and later became a peer mentor to help new students go through the program.

I was QUICKLY impressed with how Erin was able to coach students in the Facebook group, and asked her to jump in for the next round as mindset support. See - mindset isn't my jam! My approach is "get over it and just take action". But I KNEW this wasn't helpful to those students who were REALLY stuck... and, watching Erin coach, I learned so much about how sneaky mindset stuff can come up that you would NEVER think was a mindset problem (stuff like perfectionism, need to "get more clear" on something before you can move forward, and allll kinds of other sneaky stuff that holds SO many new business owners back!)

I was blown away by Erin's ability to move people through making a decision and taking the next action step. I am 100% sure that more students will have a higher success rate after the program because of her.

And it also made me realize just how important this is! And that SO MANY PEOPLE NEED THIS.

Hell, I've even learned so much from Erin that it's helped me move forward in areas of my business that I didn't even realize were stopped short because of mindset shit.

and i decided that this needs to be a thing. i want to be able to support more people in working through the hardest piece that gets them stuck

So I am bringing Erin on board to teach the first ever Uncaged Mindset Masterclass. I really believe she is one of the BEST people to teach this work to you. And I am PICKY about who I bring on board at Uncaged. If you're struggling with any of funky mindset stuff we talked about above -- this is for you.

Erin can tell what you really need to break through. Before working with her, I was struggling with taking steps to move my business forward. Now, I'm able to take actions, even when it's uncomfortable. Erin was wonderful to work with, without her support I truly do not believe I would have taken the actions I did to move my business forward!

-- Carrie M, Plant Based Health and Nutrition Coach


Here are the details:

WHAT: Mindset Masterclass for Business Owners

DATE: Thursday May 17

TIME: 4pm PT/7pm ET

FORMAT: 2 hour interactive masterclass (teaching, coaching, implementing, and Q&A)


What you'll learn:

  • Clear understanding of the specifics of YOUR mindset issues and how to recognize them (even if you think you don't have any -- I assure you, you do!)
  • How to rewire those beliefs so they no longer stop you
  • How to stop procratinating so much
  • How to know when you're actually ready versus always just thinking you aren't ready
  • A system you can implenent when mindset issues come up
  • How to stop feeling like an imposter all the time

By the end of this masterclass you will be able to:

  • Play bigger in your business NOW  - whatever that means to you (no longer waiting til you're "ready" - this will make you ready!)
  • Put yourself out there more -- I'm talking actually publishing your website, pitching for that speaking gig, telling your friends and family what you're doing, raising your prices, hitting send on that sales email etc
  • Make decisions quickly and  confidently -- no more waffling about what the "best" or "right" direction is
  • Finally have some damn clarity (YES -- clarity is often a mindset issue-- WHO KNEW!?)
  • Stop procrastinating and comparing yourself to everyone else - for real. This is a total game changer and you'd be shocked at how  much your business will shift when these two habits are stopped in their tracks!


Erin will be talking you though a series of exercises and steps to help you make these changes to your mindset in REAL TIME. This isn't about nice ideas that you won't know how to use -- you'll hear her live coach several students during the class and you'll run through exercises live too to help you literally shift your brain during these two hours.

A-ha moments will abound, that I can promise!


You'll leave with steps you can take EVERY TIME imposter syndrome slips in again, and you'll be armed with the best tools around to help you step it up in your business.


you'll soon become one of the success stories you keep ogling over on instagram. it's your time.

I love the work I do, but running my own business can be an overwhelming.  Erin was absolutely amazing to work with! Her coaching was personalized to my needs and  addressed the work patterns that were getting in my way. She is a master coach. SHE QUICKLY HELPED ME TO BECOME MORE DECISIVE AND CONFIDENT.  I highly recommend her to anyone wanting to  STEP UP THEIR GAME!

-- Jess E, Founder & CEO of Headbands of Hope



*Reminder: The 2 hour masterclass is taking place May 17 at 4pm PT/7pm ET and there WILL be a recording if you can't make it live.





*Reminder: The 2 hour masterclass is taking place May 17 at 4pm PT/7pm ET and there WILL be a recording if you can't make it live.