And if you’re just looking around wildly, mimicking other people’s offerings and feeling like all of your great ideas are going to waste, then it won’t be long before you throw your hands in the air and give up (and giving up is for amateurs.)

Cuz here’s the thing. It sounds sexy and all, but you do not want to be anyone’s best kept secret.

You want your people to know exactly what your services are going to do for them, and precisely how your packages are tailored to cure their woes/solve their problems/make their dreams come true.

Spoiler alert: people won’t buy what they don’t understand.

Another spoiler: People are smarter than you think, and your insecurities disguised as really generic packages aren’t fooling anyone.

So what does that mean for you, my pretty little solopreneur?

It means you better get your ass in gear and craft your offerings so that they’re not just nice, they’re the TOTAL PACKAGE. Because once you whip your services and packages into selling shape, your clients won’t just fork over the cash, they’ll fork lift over referrals, repeat business, and oodles of praise.

You’re the captain of a service-based, online business and need to create packages (I’m lookin’ at you life coaches, health coaches, ah hell - any kind of coach! And also you, copywriters, designers, fitness instructors, and VAs.)

You want to help a lot of people while also making a lot of money and you know that the two can make a serious power couple.

You are feverishly aware that your packages are incredibly important (since that’s how you’re going to make money and pay rent and buy bread and booze,) but you’re not sure what exactly to include or how to structure them

You’re hurting your neck looking around at what everyone else is selling and mimicking them even if it doesn’t feel quite right for your business.

You’re sick of not being confident in what you’re selling (and actually get nervous/filled with dread on client consults that people might actually say yes), but right now the alternative to what you’re selling is a giant pile of nothing.

You know your big, fat, juicy biz idea, but you have lots of baby ideas for what to offer and you are desperate to know how it should all fit together cohesively so you don’t look like a crazy person.

You’re no dummy when it comes to marketing yourself (list building, creating a freebie, guest posting, and all that hubbub,) but because you’re queasy about what you’re selling, you’re not doing any of it.

You’re ready for help to get moving now on creating packages and services that people will drop everything to buy.

Wait, what’s that noise?

Oh, it’s the sound of money raining down on you because you listened to my years of experience and got your mitts on the tried-and-true-and-almost-breathtaking method for creating packages and services.

Best part?

This method is completely repeatable so every time you add a new service or product (and if you do it my way, this will happen more and more often), you can put it to work and know that your clients are practically buying it in advance.

Bestester part?

I’ve put everything I know into this beautiful course that’s not only informative and business-transforming, but a damn enjoyable read. Like Hunger Games good.

And I’m calling it HEY, NICE PACKAGE! Because that’s what people will think once you put these to-dos into action. That’s what they’ll be saying behind your back when they buy and love your program. Or complete your course. Or come home from your retreat. Or finish a month of coaching. Or see their lives changed. Or all of the above.

BONUS: this material will go beyond putting together a package that sells like pancakes, it will actually shift the way you see your business; you’ll finally see how everything fits together, which will make everything you’re creating more clear, concise, on point, and FUN.

Picture Yourself

Armed and dangerous with a slick system for how to continuously create new programs without reinventing the wheel.

As an expert of the exact system that I myself use to put together everything I create (including this course!).

Aware of who your exact, perfect, gorgeous client is (without those annoying customer avatar exercises)

Never ever struggling again to figure out what to offer or what to charge.

Laughing like a Disney villain because you are coming up with the next big thing right when your clients need it and it is royally pissing off your competitors.

She (you) looks good, huh?

Hey! Nice Package at a Glance

This is like if an online course met up with a pdf, and then ran into some video, templates, and worksheet friends and had a big dance party. Read: It’s multimedia, so you won’t get bored. It is NOT wishy washy advice that tastes good but then leaves you hungry.

Instead, it’s a nearly-scientific system for helping you think in an entirely new way about what you offer and how to put that into a pretty package - forever.

You’ll learn to narrow down your ideas, structure your packages, price your services, and figure out what to include so you’re not too broad, too specific, too similar, too different, too hot, too cold; so you can become the fucking Goldilocks of package makers and harness that “give it to me now” factor and become queen of your niche.

Modules you can get amped about

How Not to Create Packages

Put your finger on what most everyone is doing wrong that makes it really hard to sell anything, and find out what to do instead.

What to Offer

Take a big drink of the real way to figure out who your clients are and what they need. Then get serious about how your specific business plays a role in getting that to them, and what your signature system is that will be at the backbone of everything you create. Ooh, also, learn how to make sure that what you create is in line with your values and talents and actually fun for you to deliver.

How To Choose Your Packages

How many packages should I have? How do I differentiate and make sure my packages don’t have overlap or confusion? What is my big money package (signature package) and how do I put it together? Should I have other, smaller packages too? And how do I make sure my clients know which one to buy? What do I do if I have more than one niche? How do I get repeat clients and is that a good business model for me? Yep. Hey, Nice Package answers every single one of these tricky questions and more. MORE, I TELL YOU

How To Structure Your Packages

Get the goods on what exactly you need to include in your packages, how long they should be and what (if any) extras to throw in. Worksheets? Homework? Private FB group? How to know what to include and what you can leave out.

How to Test Your New Packages in the Real World

Figure out how to get your first clients, try out your new services in a beta test (while not looking desperate), and use feedback and testimonials to your advantage… without feeling like you’re just making it up as you go.

Pricing, pricing, pricing

The mother of all how-tos for starting prices, navigating the ins and outs of what to charge and why, how to make sure your packages get you the income you need, and all the nitty gritty on guarantees and payment plans and filling your pockets with Benjamins.

How To Write A Sales Page

Learn how to take all of those kick ass packages and put them together on your website with words that do your stunning services justice.

Next Level Programs

Some damn useful info on what to consider when you’re ready to leverage your work and create online programs and group courses

Systems and Tech Stuff

Everything you need to know to ensure that your programs are delivered flawlessly and you’re not bogged down in busy work. I’ll show ya how to streamline your processes, and what tech tools you need to be sure as hell that your clients have an incredible user experience.

Next Steps

Marketing the shit out of your packages and never looking back.

About Becca

(while making sweet cash to support your adventures, your family, or whatever else you want to use your money for - I won’t judge!).

I’ve definitely had my share of nice packages in the past. In my first year of biz, I’m sure I offered at least 20 different things. I’ve launched programs on the fly overnight that sold out (been there, done that - fun in the moment, not so great as a long-term biz strategy), and stuck with not-right-for-me programs far too long (total buzz killer). I consistently roll out new programs that get noticed, and people are always asking me how I do it. And I developed Hey! Nice Package to answer that exact question. After working with 100s of clients and seeing them all making the same mistakes, I realized that it’s not their fault - no one teaches us how to do this stuff when we get into business. So I pulled up my bootstraps and set out to change that - and created THE go-to course for helping you understand your business in a way that makes it EASY to know how to put it all together into your own nice packages.

And now, some fearful-but-understandable FAQs

So what? I’ll have my package and services laid out, but then what, dammit!?

This is when the real magic sets in. Selling becomes easy and you become confident. You know who to sell to and you have a tool belt full of next steps for actually marketing your new nice packages.

Will I just be creating the exact same service as everyone else who goes through this course?

This is exactly what you will not be doing. You’re gonna learn to make packages that stand up and stand out and are unique to you and your business.

Is this going to teach me stuff I already know?

Nope (unless you already have killer packages that sell out every time. Then you probably don’t need it). But otherwise, get your forehead ready for a lot of palm smacks and prepare to bring “doy” back. What you will learn isn’t taught in any other course I have taken (and I have taken a LOT of ‘em).

Can I really learn this in an online course?

Yes, it will be the digital get down that will change everything for your business. This course is extensive and I walk you through it with real life examples from my own business so you can see how it works in real life.

But Becca, I’ve done all those damn client avatar exercises and I’m still stuck!

You’re in for a special treat because I have a new, different view on the whole ideal client thing and it doesn’t involve her favorite coffee shop or song, it involves her PROBLEMS and how she may have 99 but your service is not one. Trust me on this.

Hey, is this just all theory or will I actually be able to put a package together?

This isn’t me talking just to hear my own voice, this is me walking you through my very own process with tangible steps to put packages together (a method you’ll use over and over again with a big smile on your money-making face.)

Will there be a Facebook group for the course?

You betcha. Dive in and get help from your peers, as you check out each other’s sweet, sweet packages.

You’re hereby cordially invited to avoid kicking yourself for passing this course up.

Because regret feels bad and money feels good.

Because you’re the total package so it’s time your business acted like it.

Buy Hey, Nice Package! now, and make your clients hungry, your competitors angry, and your bank account happy.

These people love my nice package


Hey, Nice Package is a godsend!

Thank you so much for creating this program! I’m a super analytical person and I was struggling to find a resource that clearly outlined step-by-step exactly what I needed to do to create my coaching package. The way you write really speaks to me because you use words/phrases like “system”, “step-by-step”, “clearly laid out”, “don’t be vague.” Everything out there is super vague, fluffy, BS. It was really pissing me off lol. I’m so glad I found Hey, Nice Package. It’s a godsend!

Brittany Trama, Business Consultant

This investment will pay off 10 fold within the next 3 months

Thank you for Hey, Nice Package! I decided to purchase it after I reread the sales page for it about 20 times. On the 20th time something clicked. Even though I had an idea of what result I want to get people, I wasn’t specific about what role I played in that process. I’m on page 32 of Hey, Nice Package! and I can tell you that this investment will pay off 10 fold within the next 3 months. That makes my heart sing!

Michelle Seebachan

I’m launching my first paid package!

I bought HNP a month ago and today I’m launching my first paid package! I could not have done it without HNP! I had some of the course idea down before HNP, but I had way more stuff in it that I didn’t need. The research and sales page writing piece has been invaluable – I know my sales page copy would suck if not for HNP! Thank you!!

Shannon Mattern, WordPress Development and Training

I feel like my world has just shifted.

I’ve gone through about 4 modules today (probably too many, but I am just so PUMPED at everything I am learning) and my mind is spinning! I feel like my world has just shifted. Thanks, Rebecca!

Daniela Uslan

Thank you Hey Nice Package and Rebecca Tracey!

Wooohoooo!!!! After what feels like FOREVER, I’ve finally decided upon a package that feels awesome and solid and authentic and deliverable and I can see myself doing and fucking rocking at!!! Yay!!!

Vanessa Callahan

HNP actually helped leverage my services better

HNP was to the point, systemic, and filled with valuable information! It really helped me focus on one package at a time versus trying to cram everything into one program. HNP actually helped leverage my services better with a variety of more targeted programs. This means I can help more people while generating more revenue! Thanks Becca!

Lore Earley,

Through this course Becca has completely shifted my perspective on how to create offerings in my business

Despite having taken online business courses and working one-on-one with a great business coach, I had yet to crack the code of designing services I loved (and that people wanted to buy). This course gave me .a framework for creating packages that make sense AND has a started a chain reaction of completely new ideas percolating in my head that seriously has me buzzing with the thought of offering them. Through this course Becca has completely shifted my perspective on how to create offerings in my business and I know I’m going to come back to her system again and again as my business grows and evolves.

Jackie Johnstone, Social Media Strategist

Holy crap this course was so amazing.

This is everything i’ve ever wanted. Truly. It’s comprehensive, completely clearly laid out – step by step by step. It’s a blueprint that allows for my own creativity while being guided by your incredible depth of knowledge and expertise. After having done it, I’d pay 3x what I paid for this course! It’s like a life-preserver that’s been thrown out while i’ve been splashing around aimlessly for years. You’re amazing!

Kate Anthony, Single Mom Coach

You provide the ACTUAL TOOLS we need to be successful

Becca, you are INCREDIBLE! This isn’t just a course you take and forget about, this is one that offers SYSTEMS that you can use CONTINUOUSLY in your business so you are CONSISTENTLY creating new packages and services!I You provide the ACTUAL TOOLS we need to be successful and it helped me develop my own system for creating packages and systems to keep myself organized! I can’t wait to continually create fun, new, and interesting products to keep my customers on their toes!

Nathalie Poulin, Copywriter

Hey, Nice Package is SUCH a good program! It’s like the paint by numbers of creating packages.

Rebecca makes something that seemed difficult and convoluted into an easy step by step process. From research to content creation, through to pricing and VIP packages this course encompasses everything needed! Before I did this program I was overwhelmed with the idea of creating content and was so worried after all my hard work the packages wouldn’t sell or be helpful. After running my ideas through this program I can see where my major mistake the first time around was, and have developed programs that will not only sell but will be of so much more value to my clients. Win f*cking win. The best part about buying Hey, Nice Package! is that every time I want to create a new offering I will run it through this course. ROI through the roof.

Makenzie Chilton, Therapist and Life Coach

Becca’s packaging course is beyond valuable for anyone offering online or in-person coaching, consulting and problem solving.

She goes into so much detail on why we get packages wrong in the first place and how to turn our ‘work with me’ options into solutions that ‘real people’ really want to buy (instead of just another of our ‘great ideas’ that doesn’t quite fly). Plus, packaging is how online biz people like us actually make money (and positively change the world) so it’s worth going over again and again and again. This course lets you do that, over and over, and at your own pace. I now have the tools, process and most importantly CONFIDENCE, to nail my current (and future) packages.

Kristy Moore, Social Entreprise and Executive Leadership Coach

I haven’t had anyone explain “signature system” the way you did. I LOVED the fact that you actually shared yours!

I read through the entire course last night because I couldn’t sleep and I just wanted to say that I haven’t had anyone explain “signature system” the way you did. I LOVED the fact that you actually shared yours! So many other people just don’t – I don’t know why – maybe they’re afraid people are going to “steal it.” This course was so eye opening! I got several amazing ideas for services/packages and I would not have been able to without this. Knowing what I know now, I would probably pay whatever you priced it at. LOL. Especially because I KNOW that because of the knowledge I gained on signature system and the types of packages to offer, I could easily make that money back. You’ve changed up my whole game!

Shamia Casiano Relationship Coach

Her course delivered far more than I expected it to. It’s packed full of value!

This entire course was a huge a-ha moment for me! Creating packages has probably been my #1 business struggle. It’s been frustrating, confusing and has taken endlessly longer than it should – until now. Rebecca’s course gave me the tools to get super clear on what packages I wanted to sell and how to sell them. Even better, I now have a system that I can return to anytime I’m ready to create a new package. I really liked the depth of information you provided in creating packages, but also everything that came after that, like technical stuff and sales pages. I wasn’t expecting that information and it felt like a huge bonus. Her course delivered far more than I expected it to. It’s packed full of value!

Jennifer Crego,

used to wonder why my client questionnaires weren’t getting the answers and language I was looking for...

Highly recommended for anyone struggling to create packages for their business. Becca has a very easy to follow, step-by-step formula for putting together killer packages that ensures you won’t be scratching your head for new ideas any longer. She offers specific advice and real life examples to help you understand how you can adapt the process to your business. I used to wonder why my client questionnaires weren’t getting the answers and language I was looking for, but I followed her process and ended up getting laser-specific responses from ideal clients. I now feel much more confident in putting together packages that actually speak to my clients needs – and charging what they are worth! Don’t hesitate to take this course – I’m so glad I did!

Laura Rieckmann, Health Coach