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April 25th, 2022

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Get expert answers to your burning business questions!

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As a new-ish coach or solopreneur, there is SO much to learn.. how do you know if you're doing it "right"?

You ask us, that's how!! join us for absolutely free coaching for your business


Becca (biz coach) and Erin (mindset coach) will be tag-team coaching, answering your questions like:

  1. How do I pick a niche?
  2. How do I find my clients?
  3. Are my prices too high (or low)?
  4. How do I stop procrastinating and just DO it already?.... and anything else you want to know about how to get clients, nail your messaging, find your audience, tame your mindset gremlins, and more!

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Our coaching is perfect for you if:

  • You’re a life coach, health coach, or other solopreneur who is just getting started in your online biz (oh hey!)
  • You’ve been discouraged and confused with all you’ve learned up to this point, which has made the idea of starting a business feel overwhelming, confusing, and frustrating! (we promise it doesn’t have to be SO hard!)
  • You’ve been on the struggle bus trying to figure out what works and seeing NO results --  you’re posting on social media and haphazardly reaching out to people, but mostly hiding under your covers watching Netflix because this shit is HARD!
  • You just wish someone would tell you what to do so you can get moving already!

We understand what it's like to be frustrated, broke, and desperately trying to fit all the pieces together. That's exactly why we are offering this free coaching - to take you from feeling discouraged and helpless to FINALLY understanding the next step in getting your business started!

Will there be a replay?

Yes!! We will send you a link to watch the replay if you can't join us live

about rebecca tracey

Becca is the head honcho at The Uncaged Life, where she helps service-based businesses build the foundations of an online business that works. To date she's helped over 1500+ online businesses launch or grow their business to replace their full time income so they can work from anywhere and make good money doing it (all without wearing pants if they don't wanna!) She is a whiz when it comes to simplifying all your ideas and helping you get clients  in your biz using tried and true (and SIMPLE) marketing. Plus, her dog Rhubarb is really freaking cute 🙂


erin headshot

about erin foley

Erin is an AMAZING mindset and clarity coach who coaches alongside Becca in her Uncage Your Business program, to make sure that our students get the absolute BEST coaching out there! We brought Erin onto the team to help you slay alllll the mindset stuff that tends to hold new business owners back. We can’t tell you how many of our students SWEAR by this woman and her support. So many of them tell us that that the mindset support is “what they needed and didn’t even realize they needed!” Kiss perfectionism, procrastination, imposter syndrome, and fear of failure good-bye for good when you get coached by Erin!!


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