FOUNDations Session

Go from lost to found in your business by building a strong foundation.

A business without a foundation is like a house without a foundation – it’s bound to fall apart as soon as the wind starts to blow sideways.

Trying to market a business without a solid core is like building a house and spending all your time, energy, and money on picking out expensive curtains, designer tables, the best electronics, planning dinner parties, and choosing paint colors – without even having walls built yet. Or, slapping up paper walls without much thought, and then putting all your focus on the insides. We all know what is going to happen as soon as it rains… and the same goes for your business

Without a foundation, you’ll be flailing around all kinds of lost and not sure where your business is going. Which means your business will likely go nowhere.



  • You have an IMPOSSIBLE time finishing your website or writing your content – what the hell should your focus be?
  • You’ve taken business course after business course, without any results (and you end up getting shut down with implementing anything because you aren’t super clear on the WHY/WHAT/WHO/HOW of your business yet).
  • You get funky looks from people when you try to explain what you do – because, uh – you’re not even sure yourself, and after half an hour talking in circles around it you’re finding that people still don’t get it.
  • You know you need to be different to stand out, but you cant find anything unique about yourself (and sometimes you figure you might as well just quit before you even get started)
  • Niche feels like a dirty, stressful word. You know you need one, but how? And how? Ugh.
  • You know generally what you do, but when it comes to articulating it in a clear and succinct way, you go blank. Your message and your mission need some serious fine-tuning
  • You know you need some focus, and fast, because you’re sick of always questioning if what you’re doing is even on the right track.
  • You’ve heard the saying “fake it ’til you make it” but you don’t think this was the “faking it” they were talking about.

Sound familiar? Most business owners end up in this phase, and the ones who are successful are the ones who swiftly get OUT of it and find some focus.



This is the stuff that should be done before any kind of marketing or advertising. It’s getting clear on the core of what your business is. We’re talking about what you do, why you do it, who you do it for, and how you do it. More specifically:

  • Your message – the one your clients will feel in their bones when they read your copy, and the one that will keep you connected to your work from a place of deep resonance (in other words – it’s something you give a shit about enough that you’ll fight for it in your business, and your clients will take notice)
  • Your Point Of View – or USP as some people call it in the marketing world. It’s what makes you stand out (and fit in), and you have one. Yes, you do. It just needs some teasing out. We’ll take a good look into your beliefs, what you get fired up about, what your opinions are on your work and the industry at large, and we’ll get clear as hell about why people should hire YOU
  • Your niche, target market, and ideal clients – yep, you need one, and nope, we’re not talking about what kind of shoes they wear and what age they are. We’re talking about understanding WHO you serve in a way that’s so clear you’ll probably smack your forehead thinking “Of course that’s it!”
  • Your HOW – as in, what exactly do you DO for people. What’s your process? Your system? Your scope? We’re talking tangibles here, the bitty gritty of HOW you do the thing you do… And starting to talk about how that can be divvied up into packages and services.
  • Your pitch – as in, how the hell to talk about all this in a way that actually makes sense to people


So yeah – all of that. That is your foundation. And if you don’t know it, you’ll have a hell of a hard time selling ANYTHING in your business.

The reason most business owners buy courses and then don’t complete them isn’t because they are lazy or lack discipline – it’s because MOST of those courses hinge on that person always knowing their foundations. So if you don’t know it, what’s a girl to do, other than put another course on the virtual shelf to collect dust and beat yourself up because you’ll never be “good” business owner.

The beauty of the FOUNDations Session is that once you know this stuff, you can go back to all those other courses you haven’t used, and use them! Win fucking win. Many of my clients have been stoked to finally be able to use what they learned in some of the big name online courses after working together in this session.


If you’re unclear about your foundations, you’re not the only one. Your (would-be) clients are pretty confused too.
And you know what confused clients do? They don’t buy shit.


For service-based entrepreneurs it’s even more crucial to know your Foundations, because standing out and busting through the clutter of other businesses and offerings is all about having a solid, clear platform to build on. There’s so much fluff out there that if you can stand with clarity and say what you do, why you do it, who you do it for, and how you do it, you’re doing to get noticed, bigtime.

Because you’re not a generalist – you don’t want to (and don’t need to) help anyone and everyone with anything and everything – you have a focus, a specialty, that only YOU can do. Let’s find it and bring it to light.


  1. You pay and book your session (I am typically booking about 3-4 weeks out). I send you some pre-work that will help you get super clear, before we even dive in (and will give me some good stuff to marinate on before we get on our call).
  2. We’ll spend 75mins, just you and me, digging into what your business actually IS – from bigger picture message to nitty gritty details of your WHY, all the way down to what, exactly, you’re offering people.
  3. After our session I send you your FOUNDations guide a pretty PDF with notes about EVERYTHING we talked about,  so there is NO room for confusion as you move forward.
  4. I also send you homework to help you put all your newfound clarity into language that people understand (and buy). This requires some digging on your part based on what comes out of our session. You’ll use this to put together your pitch, and you’ll email it to me when it’s done, and I’ll review it and send you back feedback/tweaks.
  5. You leave feeling like the fucking queen of the world and you never get sweaty hands again when someone asks you what you do.

Knowing your Foundations will change the way you see your business forever.




** Please note that you must have worked with at least 3 clients to be eligible for this session. This real-world client experience will help us SO much during our session, so be sure to have that under your belt before you book. Even if it means free sessions or practicing on your friends – get out there and START and we’ll use what you learn to help us hone in even more.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is it only 75mins? I feel like I need months to figure this stuff out!

Because I'm that good, and that's all it takes. I like to make things simple (the world is already complicated enough!), so I make sure we cut the crap and focus on what matters. And I believe that your message is already inside of you, so it doesn't take weeks and weeks to figure out. That's a procrastination strategy, and I'll have none of that on my watch. Besides, you’ve likely already been going around in circles for months about this – doesn’t a quick does of supreme confidence and clarity sound great at this point?

What kind of business is this for?

This service is geared towards online based, service providers (think coaches, consultants, writers, freelancers etc). My absolute sweet spot is with health coaches, life coaches, and business coaches/B2B service providers.

What if I don’t want to pick a niche/are you going to make me do one of those ideal client avatar exercises?

I’m not going to lie to you – your business is going to be a whole hell of a lot easier if you niche in. That being said, niche doesn’t have to mean a super specific demographic/age range/type of person. I prefer to niche around what PROBLEM your business, rather than what kinds of shoes your client wears. That exercise has it’s place, but it’s not our focus in this session. Trust me, you will love this approach to niching, and I have some tricks up my sleeve for if you just can’t seem to choose or if you have more than one niche.

Will you help me write my tagline?

Nope. This is not a copywriting session. Sometimes great snippets for tagline and soundbites come out of this session, but that’s usually by accident, since, again, I’m not a copywriter. If you need help putting it into words on your website, that's a whole other ballgame, and BrandBurst can help you with that.

Will you help me create my elevator pitch?

Yes - but this is part of the homework you will get after our session is over. But please know that I think the way MOST people do elevator pitches is kind of bullshit. Yes, you have to be able to talk about what you do, but my goal is to get you so damn clear on what that is that you can talk about it on the fly, anytime, in many different contexts. I don't want you having to memorize the perfect pitch to explain what you do (because it always sounds tacky and too well rehearsed) - you should know it so intimately and confidently that you never struggle to talk about it again. That's our goal.

Will you help me decide what packages to offer and help me put those packages together?

Yes and no. We will definitely talk about the HOW of your business – what’s your process, your system? What’s the scope of your work (and what is outside the scope)? And from there we’ll outline options for how you might package this up. But we don’t dive into fully fleshing out packages. After our session you will be ready to dive into Hey, Nice Package! (and all Foundation clients get a great discount on HNP, so you can dive in right away)

Will you help me figure out what business to start?

No. Figuring out what business to start is a deep process and isn't something we can do in an hour. But as long as you have an inkling of a business idea and have worked with at least 5 clients to test out your services and get some practice, we can work with that to dig into your foundations and refine your idea to help you get more clarity. But if you have NO idea what business to start, and need help weeding through ideas, this is not for you. Other questions? Ask!

Can I get a refund if I change my mind?

There are no refunds once a session is paid for, so please be sure you are a good fit (ie. you know generally what your business is and you have experience with at least 5 clients). If you aren't sure if that's you, please don't hesitate to email me and ask! I’ll be straight-up about whether this session is right for you or not.


Things People Say

I've sold out both my programs since this session!

This one session completely turned my business around! When I came to you for my Foundations session I had a pretty strong sense in my heart about what I was good at, who my ideal client was, and what I could do for them. But the words to pull it all together and describe all of it in a way that would resonate with potential clients just totally alluded me (and I pride myself on being a pretty good writer). I have to admit that I was a little skeptical about how much we could accomplish in only one session, but I was truly amazed by how much clarity I got out of that short time with you. I left that session with the clarity and the words I needed to finally explain exactly what I'd been feeling about my work in a way that really landed with people. It really did result in huge shifts for me and it's led to more clients and sold out group programs!

Sara Best, Nutritionist and Emotional Eating Coach

This session was GOLD!

Before my session, I was STUCK. I had so much going on in my head that I literally could not see or feel what the essence of my business was - and that was in the way of all of my communication to the world. I was properly blocked and losing motivation fast.

After our session, I'm clearer about who I'm speaking to and what I'm saying. I'm clearer about what the heck I'm trying to do. I'm clearer on my offerings. I feel ready to confidently outline who I can help and how. This is BIG, Becca. It's been so vague and broad for me until now.

What amazes me is that it was *fast*. You were able to strip away everything that didn't need to be there and give me back the most important bits.

Becca, this session was GOLD and was worth its weight in gold! The level of clarity and the ensuing flow and motivation I've felt since have been incredible. I can finally articulate my big why and more importantly, my HOW. Thank you

Elloa Atkinson,

This session = LIFE-CHANGING

GET READY. It's going to be such a mind-clearing and mind-BLOWING hour of your life. Getting inside my own head and untangling all of my thoughts never felt so... easy. If you want someone who's going to hold your hand and agree with every little thing you say, don't work with Becca. But if you want someone who's going to tease your brain like a bad-ass 80's hairstyle while miraculously turning the pile of word vomit that comes out of your mouth into a clean, polished foundation that represents your true self & business then Becca's your gal

Lisa Fiorvante at

I had high hopes, and you blew me away!

Before my session I was struggling with creating a unified message for the three main areas I teach and coach on, and with having the confidence to fully own and share it. Now I feel like I can finally put myself out there with a cohesive and appealing business and message that feels true to me and perfect for my ideal audience. I can now finish filling out the copy on my website and publish it, and design packages and offers around this cohesive, coherent message. I feared it would be a nebulous wander through an hour of time with some random feedback, but you were organized and on target and that made ALL the difference not only in enjoying the session, but clarifying my thoughts, beliefs and message! Thank you!

Jackie Dixon

So much more clarity - simply amazing!

I needed clarity. I had too many ideas and needed someone to get down to the nitty gritty and help me focus on my core message. I can finally see my point of difference - anything and everything feels possible now in my business! You were able to take everything in and provide a fresh perspective that really cut to the core of what I was trying to do. This session was simply amazing and is no brainer for anyone swamped in everything but not clear on anything

Ben Potter at

I'll use our work together as a guide forever.

Being a multi-passionate person, I had an excruciating time trying to figure out how I'm going to run my business in a way that can make a big difference, make a ton of money, and still have that freedom to experiment with new things. Becca helped me get so clear on my business, I'll use our work together as a guide forever, I'm not kidding! I've never been so excited about my business and getting offers out there -- now that I see how it all fits, nothing can stop me!!! EVERYTHING MAKES SENSE (finally!).

Marinda Jansen Van Rensberg of

I got two new leads and am starting to beta test! I'd never have made this progress without our session!

Before our session, I had no freaking idea what the hell I was doing, what I wanted to do, and I felt so disconnected from what I was doing and what I wanted to do. You helped me see that there is a pattern that runs through what I've been doing, what I want to transition to, and what I ultimately want to "be when I grow up". You gave me such clarity, made me realize that I'm more on-track than I allowed myself to see, and helped me see how I can make an impact NOW with my current skill-set. I didn't quite realize after we spoke how much was accomplished and how much we worked through. You make it seem simple. The day following our session, I got an old lead contacting me for the exact services I now want to offer, and today I got another one. I'm now beta testing, by request!, a service that I haven't even fully been able to create a first draft for. I KNOW, for fucking sure, I'd never have made this progress without our session!

Laura Courrau at

Best investment I've made so far!

After signing up for my session, I was slightly apprehensive. I've invested a lot of money in various business programs and coaching sessions and not felt I got what I specifically needed. As soon as I got my "presession worksheet" though, I knew that wouldn't be the case this time. Rebecca knows how to get to the heart of your business, what you and ultimately your business stand for - and having a clear focus on this allows other aspects of your business to more easily fall into place. Best investment I've made so far!

Brianne Grebil, Holistic Esthetician at

I feel so much more confident about how to communicate with people who need me.

I'm buzzing with excitement. I already have tons of awesome ideas around my business and now I actually know what to DO with them! I feel so much more confident about how to communicate with people who need me and how to build a business around that (rather than just "coaching"). Amazing what an hour can do. Thanks for helping me get clear on all of this. I feel so much more targeted and on purpose. You rock lady.

Christa Baird

You blow me out of the water with your ability to come up with a message in just one hour.

I had spent years feeling stuck about my niche – I just couldn’t pick one. Then I picked 3, but I wasn’t feeling satisfied with that either. Finding clarity around my message breathed new life into my business – I have felt more confidence around marketing and better yet, have felt more purposeful in doing this work. I was able to take a class about doing a signature talk and feel so prepared about what I wanted to impart upon my audience – it made writing it that much easier. I am now considering doing public speaking because I have this vision of what I truly want to do for people. You blow me out of the water with your ability to come up with a message in just one hour – you’ve figured out how to get just what you need upfront and craft the perfect message during the session.

Paula Winchel

I feel relieved, confident, clear, and excited!

After ending our call I felt relieved, confident, clear, and excited. You didn't tell me what I wanted to hear or make decisions for me. You asked the right questions and guide me in a direction that allowed me to dig deep, be honest with myself, and get to the point of why, what, and how. I'm confident in writing my copy now because I'm not afraid to be ME. I now feel like I can stand apart from the crowd. I have confidence in what I do!

Siedah Mitchum at

I feel more clear and a whole lot stronger!

Before our session I was clear on my gifts, but they seemed scattered and difficult to pull together into a viable business message. But after our work together, I feel more clear and a whole lot stronger - My message is like a sharp spear now, instead of that flappy, undefined thing it used to be. I am more confident now in the thought of re-branding my business, and changing what I do from designing to coaching and selling info products. I found the Pre-Session Freedom Plan to be extremely clarifying in itself, and then we pulled it all together in the coaching session. Powerful! I also felt as if you were a more mature, wiser version of me - and that you believed in me an my abilities!

Hilde Kloppbakken at

I feel more confident putting myself out there.

Before the call, I had a vague idea of what my purpose was, but felt like I was endlessly searching for some Holy Grail much bigger than what I already knew. My session left me feeling really optimistic and ready to take on the world. The biggest impact was getting a better handle on what sets me apart from other people. I immediately started thinking of how to shift my blogging, products, About page, and more to really be in alignment with my purpose. I feel more confident about putting myself out there because I understand why my work matters and how my message is unique and significant.

Amy Scott of

I feel so much clearer - it's amazing!

Before my session, I felt like I had more to offer people besides tech help you know? Especially since my background includes skills in marketing, technology and business. So I was wondering how all that fit together and what was I really doing on earth. I feel so much CLEARER! It’s amazing, I feel like I have a great foundation to run decisions, jobs, services, and everything through as I go through the day to day. I think knowing my larger purpose will start driving everything I do. It’s not the typical, “what would you do if money was not an object” questions which are so hard to answer. And your energy is so awesome. Felt like I was hanging with a friend for that time. Becca rocks. DO IT!! You’ll walk away feeling so clear

Jessica Williams of

I feel 100% clearer, and finally know what angle to work with in my business.

I knew I had a purpose in my business, but I felt stuck, like I couldn’t unearth it. Fear was rearing its ugly head again. I felt paralyzed, had many doubts about my decisions so far in my business. I just really couldn’t move forward even though I wanted to. I know that without our session yesterday, this breakthrough would've not come through as quick as it did. I feel 100% clearer, and I NOW KNOW, FINALLY, what angle to work with re: my biz. I am SUPER excited. I feel much more confident and I know what to offer my clients. This session is totally worth the investment, but just be ready to face your awesomeness!

Frances O'Brien

One of the best investments I've made in my business to date.

I absolutely loved my time/work with Rebecca! First and foremost, it was fun... and super productive in a really concentrated amount of time. I've worked with a number of people trying to clarify my message and Rebecca had a really unique way of helping me get out of my own way to see what was right there all the time. I loved the exercises that we did to get me thinking and feeling about my message in a way that I never had before. Rebecca has an amazing ability to be super present with you and get you to relax and let all that is in there flow out. Not only did she help me clarify my message, but we worked on clarifying who my ideal client is as well. I've gone back and reviewed our session notes several times now to help keep me on track as I work on my copy and creating the programs that I will offer. My time with Rebecca was one of the best investments that I've made in my business to date and I look forward to working with her again. She is truly an opportunity you do not want to miss.

Lynayn Mielke

Everything makes sense!

Before working with Becca I was frustrated with still being somewhat confused, because I’ve done a lot of “self work” and different types of activities to help with career direction and in my quest to find meaningful work. I felt like I was always chasing something, but not sure what. What am I trying to get to with all the things I’m attracted to? 
 Rebecca is very intuitive and committed to real, authentic results. After my session, I feel a sense of ease, like everything makes sense. I understand now - where I’m coming from. it grounded me with a commonality that will give me direction in all my work/life activities and pursuits

Peggy Kelley

If this isn't Uncaged, I don't know what is!

Dear Becca,

I'm sitting here in my office writing a blog post about how to make your period less inconvenient (almost every woman that answered my market research survey mentioned inconvenience) and as I detailed the wonders of the Diva Cup I stopped and said out loud to myself "I love this, I fucking love this."

And I have you to thank! If it wasn't for our session which helped me break through the hesitation I had to focus my practice on hormonal and menstrual health I wouldn't be doing this right now. I'd probably be driving myself crazy as I wrote some stupid blog post on a topic I don't really care about. If this isn't the definition of uncaged, I don't know what is!

Thank you!

Amanda Laird, Hormonal and Menstrual Health Specialist at