Create Your Group Program


I see you, business owner.


You’ve been in business for awhile, and your (once little) biz is growing! You’ve got some solid one on one clients and you’re finally feeling confident in the work you are doing (and finally making some money doing it!)


But right now, you’re so busy enrolling new clients, doing lots of free consults, working with current clients, and creating new options for old clients, that you don’t have much time left to actually live the uncaged life you’re trying to create. Not to mention that your income, while good, feels like it has a cap, and you know this model isn’t sustainable if you want to grow.


And let’s be honest — you’re craving the energy of a group, because groups are just FUN, and you KNOW you can help more people if you scale!

You’ve probably noticed that many of the online business owners out there who are killing it are selling the same signature group program again and again – and damn it seems to be working for them. You want that!


And I totally get it, because I was once where you are, and now I’m where THEY are (ie. selling a group just twice a year that brings in 80-90% of my income).

And I can tell  you that THE best way to scale your biz to help you make the income you desire and have the time to actually enjoy LIFE, is to create a program that you can run again and again, like clockwork, that becomes your THING.

A scalable group program is your ticket to uncaged biz freedom.

Sure, you can create online courses that are self study or evergreen, but I can tell you right now that “passive” income is a myth and unless you’re spending $1000s on FB ads each month, your courses are not going to sell. Ditto with retreats – they are a super fun way to grow your biz, but they aren’t going to generate you enough income unless you’re charging insanely high end prices or running them 6 times a year (and if you want to be working LESS, then ha! – retreats are not the way).


A  group program that you can help you scale your income, and that you can run online and repeat over and over again is the single best way to grow and scale your biz in a way that puts money in your bank and free time on your calendar. Promise.


  • You’re not struggling for clients –– you’ve had enough to know what you’re doing and you know where to get more
  • You want to help more people than you can currently fit on your calendar (or you're just kind of OVER one on one)
  • You find yourself saying the same thing over and over again to your clients, and you know there is a repeatable system in there somewhere
  • You’re ready to earn more money in your business
  • You have some ideas for ways to scale, but want to make sure you do it RIGHT, so you don’t waste time and money
  • You’re starting to have a bit of a following (!!) and people are actually paying attention to what you have to say online!

And you know that if you don’t scale, your biz is gonna be maxed out at the 30-60k mark, which is you know, fine. But you know you’re meant for a bigger business with more impact, more free time and yeah, more money.

Yeah?  Then you’re totally ready to create your signature program.


I’m gathering together 10 select biz owners like you who are ready to create their first group program avec moi by your side the whole way.


  • Figure out exactly what the focus of your program will be
  • Create your program – from messaging, niche, structure, price, content outline, and upsells
  • Create an income plan for the year and price your program strategically to help you reach your money goals
  • Write a killer sales page for your new signature program
  • Create launch emails and a launch plan so you’re ready to hit the ground running
  • Develop opt-in ideas to help you get people into your program funnel from the get-go
  • Create a strategy for beta testing your program to test it out before your first big launch – we’ll set a date and make sure you’re ready to launch!
  • Gather testimonials to help you sell even MORE next round
  • An ongoing strategy so you know exactly what you need to grow so you can make your group your MAIN thing
  • Understand how and when to raise your prices for your program each time you launch
  • How to know when it’s time to upgrade the program as you and your audience grow together

You’ll leave our time together with your new group program all mapped out, priced, and ready to launch!

Oh, and you’ll probably make more than the cost of this program JUST through selling the first round of your group (not to mention all the times you run it after that!), so there’s that. Learning how to run group programs will be the gift that keeps on giving!

Michelle made $2k on her beta launch and is projecting 10k on her next launch

Elizabeth hit her first 100k year after launching her new group program!

Here's what this time with me will look like:

  • Pre-program deep dive questionnaire that will help you narrow down your program ideas, scrap what’s not working, and make some big decisions before we even dive in (so that we can  use our time together most effectively)
  • One call a week where we’ll be working through the creation process – these are LIVE teaching calls with me
  • Weekly homework that you’ll post in a google doc for my review
  • Weekly Q&A thread where I will answer every single question to make sure you’re applying the material to your specific biz
  • Templates for sales pages, launch emails, beta tester requests, testimonials and more – the exact stuff I use to launch and sell out my programs here at Uncaged
  • My eyes on your program each step of the way
  • A private FB group where you’ll be sharing your progress with the other 10 women and helping each other get your programs out there in the world

Christie made $3995 just on her beta launch, and landed another $2k one-on-one client in the process!

Kathryn sold out her new program in 5 days and is now launching it for the 10th time (and brings in 50 students for each round!)


Dates: Nov 18 - Dec 13

Spots remaining: 10 4

I won't be running this course again for at least another year, if ever. Get in now if you want to learn from someone who has created and scaled a group to create a half a million dollar business.

And now, a personal note from Becca...

I've been launching online programs for over 5 years, and have seen a lot of what works and what doesn't. What makes this program unique is that we will also work on curriculum design and making sure your program is GOOD. I've personally hired 3 different curriculum design experts to help me revamp my Uncage Your Business program... and I've learned a thing or two about how to create a GREAT group program.

Anyone can go out and launch a crappy program. I want you to launch an amazing program that gets RESULTS and rave reviews from your students. THAT is what will turn YOUR program from just another program, into a signature program that students get on the waitlist to join!


Your group program will be generating 80-90% of your income, so your return on investment for this program is through the roof. This is a small program with only 10 people and a LOT of interaction with me (think of it more like one-on-one work with me!)

One of my recent clients that I did this work with made a quick $2k in 9 days over Christmas with a beta test of her new service, and is now on her way to launching her signature group program that we created, and is projecting a $32k launch.  #helloROI — and other clients have made anywhere from 2-4x their money back already with just one launch!

Not every business is ready to create groups and as you know I am only going to work with people I am positive will get results , so I have decided to make Create Your First Group Program an application only program so that I can make sure you are in the right place in your biz. If you’re not sure, I encourage you to fill out the application anyway!




Ready to scale your business with a group program?