Uncaged 1:1 coaching

Mindset, clarity, and accountability support with UYB's secret weapon: Erin foley.


The most important thing I have learned throughout my own entrepreneurial journey, is that nothing serves your business more than clear marketing foundations and a strong MINDSET.

As you may have noticed by now with trying to build your business, the emotional side of the journey is NO JOKE.  The ups and downs cause most people to give up way too early, thinking they just aren't cut out for it. You have to have a ridiculously think skin, strong drive to continue, and the willingness to take persistent action, to make things work.

And super (not) fun fact -- these traits don't come naturally to everyone! Which is why for some people (maybe you?), building a business feels like an uphill battle most of the time.

It's SO easy to get stuck:

  • ruminating over whether you're doing it "right"
  • second-guessing every choice you make
  • fearing failure or feeling like a fraud
  • worrying about what other people will think
  • getting caught in perfection
  • procrastinating and then beating yourself up for doing it
  • comparing yourself to everyone else (and coming up short)

These patterns don’t just make you feel like crap, they keep you confused, indecisive and playing WAY too small in your business (which, spoiler alert -- makes it really, really hard to succeed in your biz!)

To help support you as you implement the coursework in UYB, and to keep moving after the program ends, we have created this special coaching opportunity specifically designed to help you move through the course and come out the other side a smashing success!


So, if you:

  • Joined UYB but are terrified of having this be just another course that sits on your shelf unused
  • KNOW that you tend to get stuck in perfectionism and have mindset gremlins that have kept you stuck in the past
  • Can't seem to get clear and decisive on a niche, message, or hell -- ANYTHING
  • Want to really challenge yourself to do all the work, take all the actions, and really, finally  do this damn thing for real

.... Meet Erin Foley. Your secret weapon.


Meet Erin. Mindset, clarity, and  UYB coach extraordinaire

Erin has been a coach for 5 years, and she took UYB back in 2015. She later became a peer mentor for the live class, helping support other students along the way. Being the mindset ninja that she is, once Erin joined the team I saw HUGE changes in how students were showing up in the course - they were somehow, magically, pushing past perfectionism and fear, where in the past they'd often get stuck. I quickly realized this wasn't magic -- this was the Erin Foley effect. I immediately decided that I couldn't run UYB without Erin, and hired her to work alongside me in the program, recording mindset modules for the course and supporting students in a bigger way. Erin has been a game-changer for the program and I am so excited for you to experience her coaching for yourself!

Erin is freaking amazing.

I use her as my own secret weapon in my own business her at Uncaged and it's been AMAZING to see how much shit was holding me back that I would never have worked through if it wasn't for Erin -- and I'm someone who doesn't think I have mindset issues lol

Her practical, down to earth, and loving but no BS approach to helping you through the ups and downs of your business is like no coach I have ever seen.

Erin is NOT just a cheerleader -- she isn't here to toot your horn or tell you to repeat inspirational quotes to yourself. Her work digs deep into the ingrained thoughts and beliefs that you didn't even know you had, that are holding you back in your business.

And huge bonus! Erin is a clarity master! While working her in UYB she will help you:

  • iron out any nagging bits of uncertainty
  • refine and hone your niche and make niching decision with clarity and confidence
  • clean up your messaging to make sure you're clear and concise
  • make sure you know exactly how to implement what you are learning in UYB (because mindset with no action won't get you anywhere)

But most of all, Erin is going to teach you how to be persistent, stay open, and be decisive in your business, while learning how to reel in the mindset tantrums that are for sure going to come up as you step out of your comfort zone to build your business.



For the first time ever things are starting to make sense, flow and actually WORK! And that 100% COULD NOT HAVE HAPPENED if Erin wasn't in my corner. I'm so grateful and glad that I listened to my gut and hired her.  I am VERRRY happy to say that since UYB and working with Erin, I beta tested my new program, got hired by 3 new clients, and I am officially launching my new 1 month program next month!!!

What was particularly helpful for me in working with Erin through UYB was that she does a mix of mindset coaching but ALSO she will walk alongside you when you're trying to figure out all the niggling bits of the how to apply the UYB material.

Also, let me just tell ya'll-- I have a VERY intense mind, and I ask a lot of questions and like to overthink things till exasperation, and if I'm being honest, not a lot of people can keep up.  But Erin meets me where I am, handles my crazy anxious brain like a BOSS and really helps to calm me down and focus my mindset on where it counts.

--Eva Liao UYB Graduate

Pairing Uncage Your Business and Erin’s coaching was invaluable.

Working with Erin was 100% essential in getting me through the coursework of UYB. I can confidently say that I would have given up in week 2 (and subsequent weeks) if I were not working with her.

So many times, I desperately wanted to sabotage myself and give up, but knowing I had her in my corner I was able to take a deep breath and reach for her as my lifeline, and every time she talked me off the ledge and miraculously into action. I will proudly finish the course (and I am TERRIBLE at finishing online courses)! With Erin I was pushed to take action anyways and let go of finding the perfect answer. I also struggle with impostor syndrome, but that has gotten so much better since our work together and doesn’t hold me back like it used to.

Work with Erin! She is the best investment I have made and I can honestly say I would not be where I am without her!

--Shonda Howard, Hypnotherapist, UYB Grad


This single session is designed to dive into ANY mindset or clarity blocks that has you feeling STUCK during UYB. Often, once you start doing the work and putting yourself out there, you will start to get stuck. This does NOT mean you are a shitty business owner or shitty person! It just means you need some help from a pro who sees this ALL the time and knows exactly what to do to help you clear those mindset gremlins so you can keep moving forward.

During this 75-minute 1:1 session, Erin will laser coach you through your mindset and clarity hurdles and get you feeling CLEAR and CONFIDENT.

This session is focused and highly productive. We quickly get you out of your own way and into ACTION.

$500 $350 for UYB only

(Most students only need ONE session to move past their blocks and be on their way to rocking their business).


Erin is a mindset unicorn.

Before my session with Erin I was struggling with content clarity- digging into and mining client language and research related to pain points and results. I wasn't feeling very clear on what my market research was telling me, and I was also beating myself up for not having "better" market research .  And I was dealing with the mindset gremlins that creep in when I'm stretching myself out of my comfort zone.

Erin helped me drill down on the pain points of my ideal clients and also clearly articulate the results for my sales page.  She helped me to peel back the layers of self-doubt. At the end of our call, I felt confident and in control of my next steps. What comes out of Erin’s mouth is so clear, so focused and so helpful that you can't help but wish you could travel back in time and just set up a session with her sooner! 

saira gangji, coach, UYB GRADUATE

This session was like a UYB cheatsheet!

I booked a one off session with Erin because I did not have time to fully focus on UYB material enough to be really clear on the marketing language.  She listened to me ramble on about my possible products, and then reached into my brain, and pulled out the most coherent messages. Getting me straight on the difference between the process, problem, and results language alone, was worth the price of the session!  It was like a UYB cheat sheet! She zeroed right in on where I was and used her intuition to help me clarify what was most important to me.

Erin is real, down-to-earth, and succinct. I love her no B.S. approach. If you did not have the time to get your arms fully around all the UYB content, it’s worth hiring Erin!

-Dori F, Intuition Coach, UYB Graduate

After a single session I felt more confident!

Before my session with Erin I was struggling with the fear of  not being able to really make money in my business. After a single session, I felt not only more confident, but also more able to look at my limiting beliefs around money and to reframe my relationship with it.  Erin has a gift for clarity and delivering information in a simple way. She is able to reach great depths with ease and kindness. She supported me in really focusing on my strength and resources rather than indulging in an old version of myself! 

-Laura Valenti, movement medicine teacher, uyb graduate


Before my session with Erin, I was struggling to know if I was on the right track with niching.  And I was lacking confidence in my niche. Now I am confident that I am exactly where I need to be and am not spinning my wheels trying to figure things out! The power session was TOTALLY WORTH IT!

- Elenna Mosoff, Life coach, UYB Graduate


Working with Erin after UYB has completely shifted my way of thinking and relating to my business!

​Erin has the ability to get right in my head and shift my thinking and perspective so much, that any issues I brought to the session were no longer issues by the end. She motivated me to take action without even thinking about it! If you procrastinate, or are prone to perfectionism, or have imposter syndrome, you won’t be after you have worked with Erin. It’s like a massive dose of motivation and courage. Without Erin I would still be struggling and stuck and scared of putting myself out there!

-Josephine Hobbs, Nutritional Therapist, UYB Graduate

Totally recommend a single session with Erin!

I had a super-helpful coaching session with the great Erin Foley. I was feeling really stuck on niching and was going round in circles not able to move forward. She helped “unstick” my thinking and see things from a freer and more curious perspective!! I’m now off to put it all into practice 😊. Totally recommend a single session with her, if you are feeling stuck!!

- Catherine Edenborough, UYB GRADUATE


After my first session I knew I made the right decision. Erin listens to what you say but hears what’s underneath.  She can tell what you really need to breakthrough. Before working with Erin, I was struggling with taking steps to move my business forward. Now, I'm able to take actions, even when it's uncomfortable. Erin was wonderful to work with, without her support I truly do not believe I would have taken the actions I did to move my business forward!

--Carri Mansfield, Plant Based Nutrition Coach, UYB Graduate

This is the feeling of clarity I have been looking for!

I may be the last one to the party, but for those who who have not taken advantage of Erin Foley’s power session, let me offer my enthusiastic recommendation. Tired of being “almost there” with my clarity, I decided to make the investment. Erin read both my current state and the most useful path to where I wanted to go perfectly. She adapted as we talked. She named my blind spots perfectly. And she understood the approach and language that would work for me. I am eternally grateful. This is the feeling of clarity that I’ve been reaching for. Thank you Erin Foley!

-Chris Trout, executive Leadership Coach, UYB GRADUATE

Working with Erin has been truly transformative.

Before UYB I was stuck with business logistics, the marketing stuff, what do I niche in, do I really even want to be a coach, but the majority of what was keeping me stuck was all mindset. I wasn't confident in anything related to really stepping into becoming a coach.

I felt like a loser because I had paid for the coach training and here I wasn't doing anything with it or following through.  I had worked with these same types of issues, (letting go of perfectionism, fear of judgment, imposter syndrome, and fear of failing) in therapy for years. I went around and around in circles, knowing why I had those things, but never truly taking action to change.

Each time I got stuck or was spinning in circles Erin knew how to laser in on that shit and hit on exactly what I needed to hear to move forward. Erin has the ability to really connect. She has this ability to really key into what  the underlying mindset problem really is. She has a magical way of asking questions that really probe and get to the heart of the matter quickly, so that we were able to make progress very quickly! She just gets it.

Now, I feel like I have made dramatic shifts in just the short time we have been working together, and I would NOT have been able to accomplish taking these steps without her coaching.

-- Michelle Eberhart, Chronic Pain Coach, UYB Graduate