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Sick of seeing all those huge launches? Read this.

It’s that time of year again, when all the big business programs launch (yes, including my program Uncage Your Business). Here are a few tips to not get lost in all the marketing chaos, help you make the right decisions, stay sane through all the emails coming at you, and most of all, how to…

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How to become a life coach

So… you want to become a life coach eh? The coaching industry is blowing up (in a good way!) and there is so much opportunity out there for coaches to build amazing businesses that help people while putting a pretty decent salary in the bank. Don’t listen to any of those stats about average life…

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How I found my niche after trying to do all of the things in my business

HUGE EMBARRASSING MOMENT TIME! I have been looking through all my old emails and files from RIGHT before I started Uncaged (about 6 months before I launched). I was digging through all this because my students in Uncage Your Business usually come in with some vague, generic business idea, where they are trying to smoosh…

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How to Protect Your Business Legally So No One Steals Your Work

  As you may know, there was a recent incident where someone copied my programs and sold them as her own. There has since been a LOT of discussion in the community about what we can do as small business owners to protect ourselves in these circumstances. And I certainly can NOT answer those questions…

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How I Became Successful In Business

  This is the question that every new business owner wants to know from every successful business owner ever: “How did you become successful in business?” I started The Uncaged Life in November 2011, so that means I’m heading into my 4th year in business (holy shit!). And I am thrilled (for my own sanity)…

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Why Your New Year’s Business Goals Are Already Doomed To Fail

  WOOO! It’s that time of year that all we business minded folks set our goals and intentions for 2015. You probably have lists in your notebook, and vision boards on your wall, and mantras in your head, and benchmarks in your calendar. You have committed to FINALLY making this the year that you get…

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Reese Ben-Yaacov Copied My Programs

I have been debating whether to write this post or not. It is not an easy one to write, and it will not be an easy one to read if you know Reese. But I have decided that it needs to be done to inform and protect the people I care about most – the…

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Uncaged Year In Review 2014

  Ok, I know – just a few weeks ago I posted about how I don’t believe in planning. But I wasn’t totally honest. I do actually do a little planning each year, and there is a way that I like to plan that lets me set out my intentions, without having to stick hard…

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Why Being a Cliché Might Actually Be Good For Business

There’s something going on in the online business world that is really fucking annoying, but I can almost guarantee that you don’t even realize that it’s happening because you are so immersed in this world and it’s all around you. Let me paint you a picture of what this phenomenon is, using a real world,…

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