Becca's 40th birthday bundle!


It's my party and I'll cry give away all my best kept secrets if i want to!



Here is what I'm dishing up for my 40th birthday celebration sale!

  • Uncaged Copywriting template bundle ($497)

    Learn how to make your website do the selling for you with amazing copy (so your potential clients come to your consults already ready to say YES!). Get our sought after templates for your About Page, Services Page, and Home Page. This is part template, part copywriting training that you can use for EVERYTHING you write in your biz.

  • Say What mini-course (Master your market research and elevator pitch) ($97)

    Learn how to do effective market research to get your client's language -- a GOLDMINE for marketing! Then use it to craft your "elevator pitch" so you can tell people what you do in a way that sounds natural and not like a robot (a good pitch is the BEST way to get referrals for your business!)

  • Bio Template ($37)

    Write a killer (ie. not boring) bio so that when you start to get featured online, you'll have people excited to click to learn more about you.

Get it all for just $597 $40! 😱


Chances are, if you’re just starting out (or need to get your current business online quickly), you may not have the budget or the bandwidth (or the time) to get a full-blown, from-scratch, top-dog copywriting package….but you’re definitely not confident with your writing skills or talking about what you do.

And being CLEAR about what you do, who you serve, and how you can help them -- across all your communications, written and verbal -- is the not-so-secret secret to getting clients faster in your business.

Clarity, specificity, and learning how to use your client's own language to sell to them, is KEY!


AND YOU’RE IN LUCK because for my birthday, I'm dishing out an offer that meets you at that exact, tricky spot (but doesn’t leave you there).


I’m so excited to be able to offer you our amazing Birthday Bundle! We don’t usually sell these resources outside of Uncage Your Business, but I want to offer them to YOU, for a limited time and as a way to say THANK YOU for being a part of the Uncaged community, so that you can start telling the world about what you do, sooner (and better!)


Included in this Birthday Bundle

  1. About Page Template (the MOST read page on your website!)
  2. Home Page Template (you have 5 seconds to capture their attention!)
  3. Services Page Template (showcase multiple services  on your "work with me" page in a way that gets people to buy!)
  4. Bio Template (so you can share who you are around the internet in a way that gets people clicking over to learn more)
  5. Elevator Pitch Template + training (so you can learn how to talk about what you do in a way that has people say "Where do I sign up!?"


PLUS -- each of our copywriting templates walks you through the sales psychology behind WHY you need each section, what to write and how to write it, and what CONVERTS (ie. what you can write to connect with clients in an authentic way AND has them want to hire you!)

Sales is about so much more than just being clever or writing stuff that “sounds good”. It's one thing for people to "like" the quote you put on Instagram. It's another entirely to get them to fork over $$ to work with you. We are going for the latter 🙂

Selling your services is all about being SMART with your strategy, and these templates will show you how.


Within a DAY of writing better copy on their websites and learning how to talk CLEARLY about what they do, my students have gone on to:

  • DOUBLE THEIR RATES ($$$) because they felt SO much more confident in their services
  • BOOK 3X MORE CONSULTS (and convert more, because our copy templates teach you how to SELL too!)
  • SELL OUT their packages (with perfect clients, because good copy will help weed out the wrong people)
  • TELL PEOPLE what they do with clarity and ease (and have people send them referrals immediately because they were SO clear!)
Screen Shot 2019-12-12 at 9.31.32 PM

Want those kind of results? Yeah you do 😉

Grab your BIRTHDAY bundle now!


$597 $40

(one dollar for every year of my sweet sweet life)

*All prices are in USD

Our templates will teach you:

  • How to write copy that reads people’s minds and gets you more YES’s
  • The ONE thing you need on every page of your website
  • Our favorite sales psychology strategies for each specific page, to help you sell more
  • Exactly what you should write and where, so you’re never left staring at a blank screen
  • How to write copy that CONVERTS (not just sounds good)
  • How to say what you do without sounding like a robot or like you are trying too hard (we have all heard those pitches, right!?)
  • How to do market research to find out what your client REALLY need (no more guessing!!)
  • How to write a bio that gets you noticed online!

PLUS, what they are really teaching you is how to use your website copy and your pitch as a SALES TOOL, and once you learn this stuff, you can’t un-learn it. Your copywriting and messaging will FOREVER be better (whether you’re writing more pages on your site, blog posts or social media posts, or newsletters to your list -- you will use these strategies again and again)

Screen Shot 2019-12-12 at 9.32.58 PM
Screen Shot 2019-12-12 at 9.36.05 PM
Screen Shot 2020-12-15 at 8.50.55 AM

Grab your birthday bundle now!


$597 $40

(for my 40th birthday... get it!?)