How To Use Testimonials To Get Clients

When I was wrapping up the last round of Uncage Your Business (the program that helps you finally get your business shit together once and for all), I was scrolling through our private Facebook group and noticing how cool it was to see how much progress people were making during our short 4 weeks together. And after I cried a few happy tears at how PROUD I am of my clients, I realized – these would make KILLER testimonials. And I have been meaning to write about how to get great testimonials because social proof is something you NEED to have in your business, so I figured I’d share some of the REAL LIVE stuff that UYB participants are saying in our private group and teach you a little bit about how to use social proof and testimonials to boost your street cred!


Having proof that your work delivers results is one of the best ways to sell your services and packages.


Because no one wants to miss out on something amazing, and most businesses run off #FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out). But often, asking clients to write testimonials means that you end up with generic sounding “It was great!” testimonials, or super professional sounding blurbs with NO emotion or personality… and these don’t convince anyone that it WAS actually great. There is a better way.

Use real client language and unsolicited testimonials

Your prospective clients are smart and discerning, so you need to make sure that your testimonials help them feel secure in making their purchases and persuade them to sign up, and testimonials that weren’t intended as testimonials can help you do this. This means grabbing real client language that they posted elsewhere or sent to you unsolicited.

If you have  a Facebook group or a private forum for your clients, that’s a great place to grab your client results on the go. Or if you receive client emails during your work together that captures them RAVING about their results, don’t be shy – ASK those people if you can use their words!


Using clients off-the-cuff words about you and your work is a GREAT way to highlight how good you are and have it sound REAL.


None of the examples below were written as testimonials – they were posted unsolicited in our private Uncage Your Business group. Check out how REAL they feel.

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Get follow-up testimonials after your work is done

Getting in-the-moment words of praise is great, but sometimes it takes time for results to kick in, and getting testimonials RIGHT after a program finished is not always a true representations of how that work impacted that person in the long run.


Results build over time, and testimonials should too.


Often, right after working with you, clients need some time to integrate and implement everything. They may already be showing some AMAZING results from  your work, but YOU know best that it often takes time for the full effect to kick in. Which is why I think it’s SO important it is to keep following up with your clients’ progress – long after your work together is done.

Every time I open Uncage Your Business again, I like to check in with past UYB grads to see where they are NOW – it’s important to me to see how much of what we do in UYB stays with them as they move forward. So I hit the streets (or more like, I hit my Uncaged VIP Facebook group) and ask them!

From people who took the program wayyy back in it’s first  round over a year and a half ago, and to folks who just finished a few months ago — here is what they had to say

Laura says: UYB changed everything for the better! 

I took a little time to soak up all the UYB goodness when it ended. I think some people are able to take off right away and others, like me, have to let thing
s marinate and settle a bit. Since UYB, I’ve become a floppity gillion (actual number that I just made up) times more clear on what I want to do and who I want to work with. 

Before UYB, I used to feel like I had to pursue every area of design “Ah! Hand lettering…gotta do that!” (I have little patience for hand-lettering, btw). “A full line of greeting cards…yeah, I should do that!”. I wasn’t really operating from a purpose that means something to me.

It’s such an amazing feeling to let go of the idea that I have to be the designer who does everything. Without UYB, I’d probably be hunched over my desk, hand-lettering for no reason, and hoping one day someone would want to buy it.

UYB made everything click for me and I’ve had more people interested in working with me than ever before. It was the besssst thing I could have done for my biz!


Pamela says:  UYB Rocked Ass! It was the most intense month I have ever spent on really getting clear about what the hell my business is about. Sure, before the program I thought I knew what my business was about. But I didn’t have the success I wanted so something had to be off, right? This program isn’t what you think it will be. Becca’s current marketing doesn’t even do it justice. You won’t get out of it what you think you will. And at the end of it, you are left with WAY MORE than you ever could have imagined would happen in a month. I am walking away with crystal clear clarity and confidence that I have never had before. I believe in the long term it probably will save me thousands of dollars that I would have invested in other business building courses.


Jenn  says: I came into UYB with one business idea that was vague and kind of like what everyone else was doing that never felt like “YES!” and left with a different business that I am super charged about. I am so crazy clear on who I want to help, how I help them, and (almost more importantly) HOW I want to help them vs how I thought I should help them.

I really wish I had met Becca before doing any other course (especially B-School)  because I wouldn’t have floundered and felt like I wasn’t making any headway for so long. When I have moments of doubt and think “Who am I to have an online business and do this?” I just touch base with everything I have learned from UYB and I get centred again. I can’t wait to report back once I am up and running and have tangible numbers because I will be writing the most kick ass testimonial UYB has ever seen!


Jessie says: After finishing UYB this past winter, I honestly wasn’t sure if I had benefited that much from it.  Sure I had changed my offers and my website copy, my business processes, etc, but I still didn’t have hoards of clients knocking on my door.  Then I started committing consistently to the next level shiz with blogging, and the client followups, etc and gave myself a major mindset makeover over this past week and I gotta say that shit is turning around.  I have a handful of people in my new group program and the huge difference now after UYB is that these are my DREAM clients.  I was so inspired after my call I couldn’t sleep last night!  I’ve had applications flowing in like crazy these last few days and all of them are my ideal clients.  I thought I had figured out my ideal client avatar before UYB but I still attracted clients that weren’t a great match for me.  Now, I’m lit up by every application that comes in and beyond grateful to be doing this work, so thank you Becca​!  UYB literally renewed my passion in my business by getting me crystal clear on the way I wanted to work, who I wanted to work with, and how to speak their language.


Diana says: 

Let’s be serious here: without you Rebecca, I wouldn’t have a business. I would have probably wasted years in getting there and wasting my time and reading everybody else’s newsletter. After the first time going through the course material I was like: OMG, that’s the shit! And after a month of amazing work, well, people around me told me that they had never seen me so energised and happy and I was actually having the time of my life. I loved every single material of the course, I loved waking up and reading the messages in the group, doing the homework, working the whole day long on it and seeing things happening at such a speed that I would have thought possible.

You only want me to share 3 results? I got a lot more than that! In a month I created a completely new website, my message became crystal clear, I outlined all my programs, blog posts, and opt-ins, and I got my first 3 clients for my new programs during the course and I got the full investment back! Plus, I got about 100 subscribers to my new newsletter, my $650 signature Coaching Program sold without having to sell it, and people started writing me to tell me that they love my website. And this is all because of Uncage Your Business.

 Working with you gave me the incredible opportunity of making it all happen. Of creating something beautiful that didn’t exist before, of putting myself out there – I even started recording videos – of talking about what matters to me, making me able to be found and help people. You gave me all the cards I needed to make it, plus you helped me to take the step that changes fear in courage. I’ll always be grateful for everything you made possible in my life.


Check out how much more confidence it instills in you, as the reader, to see that people continued to get results and still feel the program was a GREAT choice, long after the initial high has worn off. That’s how you want your clients to view your work – make them see how valuable it will be in the longterm.

Paste your testis everywhere

So, obviously this post is two-fold – I’m trying to teach you about testimonials, but I’m also trying to sell you on Uncage Your Business (the jig is up!). The lesson here is that you can (and should) put your words of praise everywhere, ESPECIALLY when you are in launch mode trying to sell something. Yes, put them on your sales pages for your program, but also put them on your About page, and in your launch emails, in your blog posts, and post them on social media. Create case studies out of them. Interview past clients about their results and post the interview on your blog. Let people know how amazing you are, and create the #FOMO in your readers!

How to get testis if you don’t have clients yet

You might be shaking your head at me saying “Well, yeah Becca, that all sounds great IF (when) I actually have clients.. but I haven’t had a single one yet? How am I supposed to get proof that I am awesome when I haven’t worked with anyone?”

Totally legit question.





There are a few things you can do:

1. You can reach out to colleagues, friends, and anyone who knows you in a helping capacity (think back to coach training and any practice clients you worked with, or colleagues who can vouch for your web design work  that kind of thing), and ask them if they could write something for you.

2. Get your first practice clients and get moving! This is the approach we take in Uncage Your Business – helping you get your first clients NOW so that you can start collecting testimonials (and valuable feedback) right away (I’ll teach you how). You’d be amazed at how many UYBers figure out their first package idea, and not only get their first practice clients but also their first PAYING clients in as little as 4 weeks. It’s possible. It happens all the time. The key is getting out of your own way and actually getting started.

Wherever you are in business, social proof that your services DELIVER is one of the most important things you need to have to sell your stuff.


Join us in Uncage Your Business to get started with collecting your first testimonials, creating your killer signature packages that get NOTICED, nailing down your brand message, understanding your target market in a way you never have before (without any avatar exercises – hooray!), and being able to articulate what you do to people in a way that actually makes sense… and makes you money… and more so, finally getting this business of yours out of the gates and into the world, where it belongs.

Click here to join Uncage Your Business 

And if UYB isn’t for you right now, ignore the pitch and go work on getting your testimonials! They are crucial to your business success.


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